Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Buy Art?

David Lorenz Winston

Today I'll show you the three pieces of art I promised. This first is a print of a photograph by David Lorenz Winston. The perspective of the fence and the quiet landscape called to me. Winston is best known for his landscape and tree photography especially this poster called Solitude taken of a zigzag fence and tree after a fresh snowfall. I just learned Winston has a blog, it's a blogging world, isn't it.

Matilija Poppies
Bernice Huber
1915 - 1994

I probably got this watercolor of Matilija Poppies by Bernice Huber in Carmel when visiting there years ago. I've always loved a good watercolor especially of flowers. Huber has captured the papery quality of the poppy petals. The faded green and yellow background colors give the painting an aged look. Now I've talked myself out of donating this painting since I discovered Bernice Huber is a listed artist in Ask Art and other places and her work continues to increase in value. You never know. I had this and the print above hanging in our guest bedroom in California, but not at our home here in Florida

Spiral Stairs
Linda Butler

This photograph graces the book cover, Inner Light: The Shaker Legacy by Linda Butler. I purchased this photographic print at a second hand store in California because the spiral staircase evoked an emotion. We had the photograph hanging in our bedroom here and in California. A good reason to purchase art is because you love it not because it's collectible or popular but because it calls to you. Although this print and the one by Winston have been popularized I think both are examples of good photography. Each has a sensuality and evokes an emotion from the viewer.

So why buy art? I bought these three pieces of art because I liked them. At the time of purchase I knew nothing of the artists. I didn't know if they were popular artists or valuable pieces of art nor did I care. I bought them simply because I loved them and they called to me and because they make me look closer when viewing them. Now that I've written about them I have a renewed interest and have decided to keep all three a little longer. Hopefully we can fit a few more items in our treasure bus. More about the treasure bus later. We did donate almost a truck full of items to Habitat for Humanity today, boxes and boxes of things we no longer use and miscellaneous pieces of furniture.

I've been thinking about art lately, about the development of my style. The simplicity of these three pieces of art had me thinking these thoughts. I see comparisons in what I like and what I make. A contrast between angles and curves; the fence and the tree, the stair treads and the banister, not so much on the poppies but there is the sensuality of the flowers and a bit of mystery with the background treatment. I read a great quote by Garth Clark on Acacia Azevedo's blog about Craft and Art which has me thinking further. While I'm packing I have time to think. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I buy pieces of art because I love them and because they enrich my world, while hopefully feeding the artist as well.

  2. I was just recently had a conversation with someone about how I sell pottery in order to buy more pots. It enriches our lives.

  3. I find that many of the things I like are priced way out of my range. I just have to love them from afar.

  4. Art definitely enriches our lives. I hope children learn that in school. By the way, are you having fun packing all your pottery?

  5. "Without art we are monkeys with car keys"?!
    Thank you so much for including the link to David Lorenz Winston's blog. I really love his photography. I'm now following him too. The two photos framed are so lovely. I like them very much.

  6. I love the "Solitude" print... it is so peaceful. I would have had a hard time leaving a gallery without that one. Glad to hear you decided to keep it... but if you ever decide you don't need it anymore, I might be able to find it a home ;-)

  7. Three great pieces. If I had to chose only one for my self it would be Solitude and Spiral Stairs. That's how it is with art.
    I miss working, I miss having the pick of great stuff to buy AND the money to buy it.

  8. I love certain pieces of art that lift my spirit or make me say wow.

  9. I like all three of those, especially Solitude. You have it right, the best reason to buy any art is because it speaks to us.

  10. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, yes art should enrich our world.

    Hi Lori, thanks, yes buy more pots, more art, more enriching.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, oh that's what the thrift stores are for, many a piece has come from there, including the lower two here, who knew.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, hopefully children are learning that for sure. Oh you have no idea how much packing I am doing. Ha.

    Hi Sapphire, thanks, monkey's with car keys. Ha. good one. yes I can see how the first one would call to you.

    Hi Michele, thanks, oh I could walk along that fence line.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, ah yes the pick and the money to go with it.

    Hi Dee, thanks, lift the spirit and say wow is a good thing.

    Hi Mary, thanks, yes it must speak to us and if so will continue to do so no matter how long we have it.


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