Thursday, June 13, 2013

St. Simons Island Georgia

After spending all morning in a truck stop getting our transmission fluid changed on the motorhome, we were anxious to get out of Florida. Finally we crossed the border and since we'd been to Jekyll Island we decided to camp near St. Simons Island in Georgia. As luck would have it today was the hottest day so far this year and we were sweltering when we stopped. Once we stop in our RV the heat from the engine radiates back into the rig until it cools down. Luckily we have two air conditioners. Above is a tree spirit carved into an oak tree to honor a sailor who drowned on a ship made from the island's oak trees. The tree spirits of St. Simons Island are carved by sculptor Keith Jennings.

If you click on the link to St. Simons Island you can see the whole coast is lined with barrier islands. Each one with it's coastal beaches, marshes and beds of sea grasses lining the rivers that drain to the ocean. St. Simons differs greatly from Jekyll Island. St. Simons streets are lined with  live oaks shading the roads and homes of every size and architecture. And there are several sections with lots of shops and restaurants. Whereas Jekyll Island is sparcely populated and more grasses than oaks. I like them both for the opposites they provide. Click this link to see my post about Jekyll Island. St. Simons also boasts the newly restored lighthouse and accompanying structures of keeper's dwelling museum and maritime museum at the historic coast guard station. Hopefully we'll get a chance to visit them all.

The earliest people of this area and northern Florida were the Timucuan Native Americans. There is a mound at the end of the island where 30 Native Americans are buried. The Timucuan peoples were made up of clans who spoke different dialects. They were a semi agricultural people who cultivated corn, beans squash, vegetables and tobacco cultivated by the women. The men hunted game and collected shell fish. They adorned their bodies with tattoos and wore many necklaces made of shells. Tattoos were made by poking the skin and rubbing ash into the wound.

We left the cats to calm down in our air conditioned rig and relax and we took a drive out to the end of the island and to have some dinner at Crabdaddys. I had blackened scallops and Gary has salmon with a cream sauce, both were delicious. I had forgotten to thaw out some of the fish we have stock piled in our refrigerator. We can't go out to eat too often as it's too costly for our budget, but once in a while I guess we'll splurge.

Later we did a driving tour of the island and stopped at one of the beaches to see the ocean. We walked through a wet sandy beach till our shoes were thick with sand. I think we finally might be on vacation. (all images borrowed from the net). Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. It can take a while to relax into a vacation, but it sounds as though you are getting there. Have lots of fun.

  2. Hi Elaine, thanks so much, the moving had us completely worn out and then getting organized to finally leave paying our bills in advance and all hopefully we didn't forget to do something, Ha.

  3. Whoopee. Can I be excited as I travel behind you vicariously? So vacation begins finally. Love St. Simons Is.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I've been looking for travel oriented blogs in the East to follow. The Resort in Franklin is very nice and the work campers are friendly as is the owner.

  5. It sounds like you're doing a good job of vacationing. Keep up the good work!

  6. Sounds like a great first stop! And probably nice for you that you forgot to defrost the fish, it probably helped to make it feel like vacation. Hope your kitties are adjusting.

  7. Yay! Road trips are the of travels, Linda......

  8. Lovely photos.. I think a nice dinner out was a good start to the vacation. I smiled at the thought of the kitties lazing around cooling off in the rv while you two were out on an adventure.

  9. Yay. And I adore the tree spirit. Thank you.

  10. Once you crossed the Florida line you were on vacation. I appreciate all the information you share.:)

  11. yeah! glad you're on your way.... so happy for you both. may your days ahead be full with much peace, joy, and wonderfulness (is that a word?)

  12. Hi Michele, thanks, oh I am sure there will be some adventures.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh I hope you are excited. I'm slowly getting there.

    Hi Big Dude, thanks, we'll have to check it out when we get there.

    Hi Ms. Sparrow, thanks, yes some of it is work. Ha.

    Hi Jennie, thanks, so far so good for the kitties.

    Hi Charlene, thanks, I think that's the only type of trips we've taken is road trips.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, oh and they were lazing about, cats do that so well.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, that tree spirit was particularly nice.

    Hi Dee, thanks, glad you enjoy my posts, hopefully others will read and when they travel will remember places they might want to go.

    Hi Amy, thanks, oh I think wonderfulness is just what we're looking and hoping for.


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