Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Helen Arts & Heritage Center Pottery Class

Gary pointed out a newspaper article about a nearby pottery class. I called them and guess what? I'm signed up to take a six week pottery class at the Helen Arts and Heritage Center in Helen, Georgia beginning next Tuesday. The class was split in two since so many signed up. The class is taught by Hilton Hill and is open to all levels of skill and includes either hand building or throwing or a combination of both. Now I have to decide if I should re-learn how to throw again or continue on with my hand building.

I decided to take a local pottery class to meet local potters and learn of locations to purchase clay and supplies. I've already learned of a local warehouse where I'll be able to purchase Highwater Clays. The class works with mid range clays and I'll be able to get my work fired there till I have a chance to sit up my new studio and get another kiln.

We're experiencing another arctic vortex with lows in the teens and wind chill even lower. Yesterday I drove to Blairsville to get the telephone and internet arranged. On the way back I drove over the Richard Russell Scenic Byway in a near blizzard which blew in all of a sudden. When I got to the top of the almost 4000 foot mountains my car was sliding in the snow on the highway; my car isn't four wheel drive. I kept moving and thankfully made it over. Gary was down in Florida wiring funds for the closing so I was glad I had no mishaps. I borrowed the photo above which is at the top of the pass. The ice is on the north side of the mountains and doesn't melt in winter. We routinely see folks ice climbing on the icicle covered rocks. Yesterday no one was up there but me. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That's a nice looking Art Center. Have fun.

  2. Love how you're quickly getting into the swing of your new surroundings. But, Linda, I got nervous reading about your trip home. Glad all worked out. We're freezing here, too. . . think I'm fighting off a cold . . . oh, spring, come quickly!

  3. That's so great you'll be in a pottery class again. Me too, worried about your traveling on those mountain roads. We may be freezing, but our roads stayed clear (this time). I've visited Helen in the summer a couple of times...with throngs of tourists creating traffic jams. Bet it's nice this time of year.

  4. oh wow what a scary trip home! Glad you made it safely. A great idea to sign to the class and it sounds flexible enough that you can do your own work while making new friends.

  5. Enjoy the class, whichever one you take. Sounds like fun.

  6. Stop scaring us like that!
    The art center looks so pretty. Love the idea of taking a class to get to know the area.
    Moving day must be a welcome coming event.

  7. Welcome to the frozen south!
    And welcome to pottery in the south.
    Time to stock up on grits.

  8. I'm glad you found a community arts center close to home. It'll be fun reading about your class.

  9. Your going to LOVE your new area. Rich in pottery and beauty. I am sure you will make many new friends.

  10. Hi Dennis, thanks, I just drove by the outside can't wait to see the inside.

    Hi Kittie, thanks, oh I was really scared I wasn't going to make it back and the kitties would be waiting for me in vain.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, the tourists were thick at the holiday and on weekends but the weekdays are quite pleasant.

    Hi Anna, thanks, I'm so glad I found a local place to meet potters, can't wait.

    Hi Melissa, thanks, I can't wait to become part of a community of potters.

    Hi Suzi, thanks, oh I was truly scared I couldn't believe how quickly that storm came up, Gary said I may need studded tires.

    Hi Meredith, thanks, I had no idea it would be this cold, thanks so much for your warm welcome.

    Hi Lori, thanks, can't wait to meet some local folks, more details later.

    Hi Dee, thanks, I'm looking forward to immersing myself in the local arts and community.


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