Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pink Blossoms and Studio Plans

It's been in the upper 70s F during the day and we've really been enjoying the weather. We hope this peach tree we planted sets some fruit. It's a wee bit of a tree but even one home grown peach this year would be wonderful.

When we moved here this small tree had red berries all over it and I thought it was a deciduous holly. Now it has leafed out and is getting pink blossoms, I think it's a crabapple. What do you think?

Here's another stacked bottle form.

I've been thinking about my studio. As you can see everything is still in boxes and there is no organization at all. That's my slab roller in the middle of the room with stuff piled high on top.

Here's what I plan for the back wall of the studio. Once I get the cabinets installed I'll be able to keep the tools I use daily in the drawers closest to me. The tall cabinets on the either end will store my greenware while it's drying. With cats I have to keep everything out of their reach when it's drying. I expect to get the cabinets at the end of next week, so hopefully I'll be more organized soon. Perhaps I'll find a picture with some depth to place in the center as if there's a window. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Love the photo!!! Excited & happy for you to be in your new place.Your studio area and designs are wonderful. What a fun place to work.

  2. Looks like you will be well organized, something I can only dream about!

  3. I vote for brab-apple too.
    And am awed at your plans for your studio. Way to go...

  4. Nice pictures! Hope your room goes according to plan.

  5. The studio plans look great, I hope that comes together for you really soon.

  6. Hi Turquoisemoon, thanks, wish I had a window though.

    Hi Michele, thanks, well I hope to be organized but then things get in the way. Ha.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, the birds will eat well off the tree in winter, that's a good thing.

    Hi Gigi, thanks, I hope I measured correctly in the room. Ha.

    Hi Lori, thanks, soon is needed for sure.


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