Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fish Cheeks

If you like fish you haven't lived till you've had fish cheeks breaded with rough milled corn meal. Fish cheeks are small encapsulated portion of meat just below and behind the eye of the fish. We were so lucky the last time we went to Florida our local fish market got together a batch of them for us. These cheeks are from larger fish like grouper, tile fish and others. Even small fish like trout have fish cheeks. If you're a fisherman check it out, even the little ones are tasty popped out with a fork.

Here I've served them with some home made tartar sauce and purple potatoes and white half runner beans. I dip the fish cheeks in beaten egg and then the corn meal and let them sit for half an hour. I get butter and olive oil good and hot and set them in and flip them once they are brown.

When our kitchen is finally complete I'll start serving my meals on real plates instead of paper ones. The colors of this plate do complement the meal though, something to think about with clay colors. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I love sea food. This looks super duper amazing!!

  2. I love sea food. This looks super duper amazing!!

  3. Hi Gigi, thanks, oh so good.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I think all the cheeks must be tasty.

    Hi Keith, thanks, oh they are mouth watering.

    Hi Michele, thanks, nice and crunchy.

    Hi Joanne, thanks, and not too time consuming either especially the eating.


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