Saturday, July 19, 2014

Carolina Silverbell

Today we went to the Butternut Creek Festival in Blairsville at Meeks Park. It was too late for me to enter the show but we went to look at all the other artist's work. Gary got a new tooled leather belt. His old one is over 30 years old. I guess he got his money's worth out of that one. It was raining so I didn't take my camera. The park is a beautiful place with five miles of walking trails which traverse the hills and meander along the creek. Covered pavilions dot the area and bridges cross the creek in several spots and there are benches and swings in viewing spots along the creek. 

On the way back to the parking lot walking along a gravel path beside the creek I saw a tree with some interesting drupe type seed pods. I broke off a small branch to take home to see what it was. I found out this is a Carolina or Mountain Silverbell, Halesia carolina.

I must remember to go back when the seed pods ripen to plant one near my home. The tree is vigorous and a fast grower. The I'll go back in next Spring to see this tree in bloom. The first photo and seed pod photo were borrowed from Wikipedia.

I worked on a couple of pieces for my online class with Diana Fayt today. I also made the textured tower above using my overlapping strips of clay technique. This piece is about seven inches tall and seven by five inches wide. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Loving your tower - and the silverbells. Such a poetic name for a tree.

  2. The tower indeed looks like it's been influenced by your living in the mountains...then I remembered you made towers when living in FL. Yes silverbells look like a real winner.

  3. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I am so glad I took the seed pod home to see what it was, I'd love to see this one in the Spring.

    Hi Barb, thanks, the layers of the piece do look like layers in the mountains, Oh I'd love to have this tree in my yard, it gets yellow leaves in the fall and the brown seed pods drooping down.

  4. a lovely looking tree. Hope you get to grow your own. The online class with Diana F would be great. I met her when she came to Australia for a clay conference last year. A Very talented lady.

  5. How was the show, did it look like something you might apply to next year?
    Looks like you are enjoying your online class. Are you able to interact with Diana and other people taking the class?

  6. Hi Anna, thanks, some folks from your neck of the woods are taking the class.

    Hi Michele,thanks, yes we have a private facebook and flickr site and we can post photos of our work and questions we might have and get answers. We also get to interact with all the other students taking the class. I think there are about thirty.

  7. We don't have silver bells and it's the first time I've ever seen its blossoms. They are cute and pretty.

    So you are enjoying your online class. I'm also enjoying an online class about history. I think online classes are convenient and useful as well!!

  8. Hi Sapphire, thanks, yes the online classes are convenient especially with the cost of fuel to commute these days, a good alternative. I am enjoying the class, makes me stay more organized too. Ha.


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