Monday, July 7, 2014

Sealing the Driveway with Dos Equis

Heavy trucks, tree roots, motor oil, sunlight, and surface water are the enemies of asphalt. To help make our asphalt driveway last longer Gary is resealing the driveway with asphalt sealer. Sealing the driveway isn't difficult just time consuming. The sealer flows easily. The worst part is the five gallon cans are heavy to lift.

I'd help Gary but he likes working alone. He calls for me to bring him an occasional beer. He's happy Dos Equis now comes in cans. Better for me to bring the beer down to him, we don't want any of that sealer in the house. I have a feeling this job will take many beers. Ha.

The trick is to use a squeegee to spread the black liquid sealer. Be sure to wear old clothing because no matter how careful you are some of the liquid is bound to end up on your shoes and clothing. Keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain till the sealer dries. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Read an article just this morning in the township magazine how important it is to keep the ingredients of the asphalt sealed in, starting when the surface goes grey, maybe four or five years in. A real big job.

  2. He seals, you bring the beer ... sounds like a good working out of the duties ... :)

  3. Hi Joanne, thanks, it isn't so bad, we went back to get more sealer and they are back ordered, darn we wanted to get it done in one day.

    Hi Teresa, thanks, I am making oven poached swordfish as well, we've fine tuned are cooperative relationship over the years.

  4. A big job - and I have my fingers crossed it stays dry.
    Love the shared chores. Co-operation at its best.

  5. So the age old question, a 30% chance of showers...either 30 percent of chance where you live that it will rain, or 30% of the area will definitely have rain. We'll take your share. Glad to see you've split the duties so well.

  6. Oh the joys of home ownership. He might as well write off the clothes and shoes.Kerosene will take it off skin. Of course then you have to get the kerosene off. It's always something.

  7. Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, so far it's been dry we lucked out.

    Hi Barb, thanks, not sure what all those percentages mean. Weathermen have ways of protecting their predictions with percentages.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I think you are right the clothes are goners. Good to know about kerosene.

  8. My Dad always had the best sealed driveway in the neighborhood, he also always kept his garage floor washed and painted... yes, he's a neat freak.

    I would say you have the sweet end of that job, keep those beers coming!

  9. My dad used to seal the driveway every few years. It did always seem like a hard job. Glad mine is gravel. I also think you've got the easy part of that project.


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