Friday, August 15, 2014

Afternoon Thermals

 Goldenrod blooming, seems early

 Sumac drupes almost ripe

 Sourwood fruit in downy masses

 Possom on the porch at night
(he really is there next time I'll use the flash)

Clouds drifting by slowly

Buzzard enjoying afternoon thermals

A good day to paint


  1. You're not kidding this is great painting weather. My entire exterior of my house is being painted. The 2 entrance doors are about done, eaves done, and the foundation. A big change from a white cottage with red trim, to a grey one (2 tones) with just a red front door. It will take some getting used to...oh, I need to have a blog about this, don't I?

  2. What a glorious day. Love those clouds. And would rather be out in the beauty than painting. But then I would rather be out in the wind and rain than painting...

  3. Hi Barb, thanks, yes a before and after blog post would be great.

    Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, I would too but can't afford to hire someone to do the painting so I have to do it myself. We are painting our brown exterior doors the aqua we painted the lower doors and they are big improvement, so much nicer against the acorn brown of the decks.

  4. Remember when we didn't have painter's tape, just razor blades.

  5. Hi Joanne, thanks, oh you had to be a good painter without that tape for sure. We still uses razor blades for the mistakes.


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