Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brewery, Distillery, Pottery & Glass Blowing

The same day we visited Artisan Park in Windsor Vermont we went to Harpoon Brewery and had lunch there. There is also a Harpoon Brewery in Boston.

Outside the brewery is a beer garden to enjoy the weather.

Later we stopped by Silo Distillery to taste some vodka. They had some lavender vodka but the label hasn't been approved yet, it was wonderful.

Images above borrowed from the respective sites. After we visited the brewery and distillery we walked over to the Simon Pearce factory outlet.

Glass blowing is fascinating to watch. Unfortunately the pottery building was closed for the day.

Being a pottery myself I prefer visiting artists individually rather than a factory outlet. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. I quite agree with you; the artist connection is the key. It seems you are "doing" the complete New Hampshire in your trip.

  2. I'd be curious about lavender vodka too...must be good.

  3. Hi Joanne, thanks, we are having a whirlwind tour for sure.

    Hi Barb, thanks, when I had my lavender farm we would have a glass of white wine and I'd put one blossom in it to steep for a minute or two it was quite good; I also made lavender lemonade, where I heated blossoms in water, let steep, drained off the water and used it for the lemonade.

  4. Now I'm thinking of infusing some limoncello with lavender. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Lori, thanks, it goes with just about anything.

  6. Not a vodka fan. Lavender could only improve it.
    And glass blowing is fascinating to watch. Beautiful and dangerous.

  7. That looks like a fun trip! Bet the Pumpkin Beer was tasty!

  8. Hi Sue, thanks, I rarely drink hard liquor but the tasting was fun.

    Hi Pam, thanks, I don't do beer any longer due to the gluten factor but dh liked it; it thought the IPA was better though, fun to taste a little autumn in the beer for the season though. ha.


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