Monday, October 13, 2014

Yikes a Seam Separation

Much to my dismay I checked on the animal jars and noticed the seam on the rooster jar separated. The other two jars are fine. Luckily I formed the cylinder on a tube, so I can replicate the diameter accurately and can still use the lid and the rooster head. Still it's disappointing. You can see how I put the gallery or stopper on the lid and the head of the rooster is separate.

Later I found this photo of Delft owl jars where the gallery or stopper is connected to the jar rather than the lid which could be an alternate method of construction for my animal jars. I wonder how this method will work? I can see the interior of the animal head will have to have a stop to keep the animal head level. Hum, lots to consider in making complicated forms. If you have any ideas about other methods please let me know. I'd also like to make some shorter, fatter jars with animal heads on top.

Meanwhile I must have slept on my arm wrong because my shoulder is acting up again. Gary will hopefully help me the next two days at the Georgia Mountain Fall Festival. Just when I was getting moving forward so nicely on making work for the up coming Mistletoe Market in November and the Kris Kringle Market.the first week of December and replenishing work for several galleries. Hopefully my shoulder will improve quickly. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. That rooster head is lovely.
    I hope your shoulder heals nicely.

  2. Bummer that separated, but good you can make another to fit the lid.
    Sending healing thoughts your way.

  3. The tall inside collar is much taller than needed for stability but it does increase the capacity of the jar. Makes sense to do them that way.

  4. I really do like the owl jars. I hope you work something out to fix the rooster jars.
    I also hope you are feeling much better soon and will enjoy all of your upcoming events. Catherine

  5. Hi Gigi, thanks, thankfully it's much better today, I plan on using that rooster head on another jar, I like him as well, I used a photo to try and get the details right on him.

    Hi Michele, thanks, I am so lucky I can make another one but still disappointing.

    Hi Dennis, thanks, I was so happy I came across that photo of the owl jar gave me another idea.

    Hi Catherine, thanks, I hope I can get that rooster all fired up, I think a colorful rooster in the kitchen will be a perfect accent, thinking these tall jars would be good for storing pasta. those darn shoulder injuries are the worst I think, one doesn't realize how much they use certain muscles till they start giving trouble.


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