Monday, November 17, 2014

Heavy Reading

Tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 30 so it's lucky the other day I picked up some books at the library since we'll probably be house bound for a number of days. The heavy reading is this first book, The History of Modern Art, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture by H H Arnason as it is quite heavy but laden with lots good reading and many photographs of art in both color and black and white. Notice that pottery isn't mentioned.

Of course I never lack for something to do with pottery as my life's work now but I guess I'll never stop learning. What can I say I like learning new things and am endlessly curious. Today I work at ArtWorks and this coming weekend is the Mistletoe Market so I'll be really busy anyway. Thankfully it's an indoor show.

I also picked up this book Caning and Rushwork by Yvonne Rees to get some background information because in January I've signed up for a class locally to learn the art of caning. I'll start out working on a small footstool. I've also signed up for an acrylic painting class. The classes are given at a local church. The classes are taught by volunteers in the community as part of the church's outreach program, OASIS, for adults over 50. For 25 dollars a person can take as many classes as they want each quarter. What a bargain.

Lastly I found a book on The Art of Woodburning by Betty Auth. Woodburning and woodwork has always intrigued me. I never did paint on the slabs of wood, walnut, cedar, oak, etc, I got some time ago. The wood was so beautifully grained I didn't have the heart to cover it up with paint. I have another project set aside for that wood and it doesn't involve woodburning either. Sorry about the quality of the photos of these books but I'm in a rush this morning. If you click on the links you'll be taken to more details about each book.

Coming up I have a few recipes to post and I've opened up a bag of speckled stoneware clay and starting making more work with that clay. I also have one bag of red clay to use. So stay tuned while many of us will be keeping warm with indoor projects. Meanwhile I redid Barney's bed but I may have to make a few more additions to it with this next onslaught of cold coming along. Thanks for reading and for all  your comments.


  1. Good luck trying new clays. Adventurous woman! And I think the Art book was the required text for one of my Art History courses...or maybe several. Great classes you're signed up for!

  2. Hi Barb, thanks, I see that art history book is in it's 7th printing so i don't doubt it, can't remember back that far to my college text books. Ha.

  3. How neat that you get to take classes for such a small fee. I think I used that book too in one of my many art student avatars.
    Good luck with the Mistletoe Sale. This is definitely the time year for indoor shows.
    There's nothing like good books on cold or rainy days.
    Stay warm!

  4. My hat is off to you to be able to read a tome like that. I have hard time getting into that type of book. I am more of a novel reader I guess! Even technical pottery books I will skim through and mostly use for reference.
    What a great deal on classes, I am sure you will enjoy the painting class.

  5. Hi Suzi, thanks, I hope the weather doesn't keep folks away from the sale.

    Hi Michele, thanks, well I may look more at the photos than the reading Ha. Might as well take advantage of what the community has to offer.

  6. Hi Linda, I think it's great that you have so many interests. It keeps your mind engaged and stimulates your creativity. As for the speckled clay, I've used it for a few projects and really like the results. Stay warm!

  7. So many books, so little time.
    Good luck with all of your projects...
    And I agree - wood grain should be displayed and enhanced NOT covered up.

  8. Hi Rian, thanks, I am hoping to see the differences in the glazes on the two clays, can't wait for the next glaze firing.

    Hi Sue, thanks, you are so right about the books and all my other interests as well. Those slabs of wood were just to nice for me to paint even the smallest painting on them. Hopefully I can get to them soon as they are clogging up the basement bathroom near the show, only place I could store them and not have them absorb moisture.

  9. Best of luck in the acrylic painting class! Sounds fun! I hope you have a terrific Tuesday :)

  10. Those books should keep you busy reading and then again with ideas.

  11. It is a pleasure to see you enjoying creative venues. :)


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