Saturday, November 1, 2014

It Snowed, White Rabbit, Sunflower Painting

White rabbit to you all. I am greeted this morning with snow. Just a lite dusting so far. We stocked up on supplies so we'll stay home till it melts. I have plenty to do around here.

Everything in the bisque turned out fine, so I'll be glazing the next few days. I can't believe the thin strips of clay on the tall cat sculpture didn't fall off. I'd like to spray glaze the cat since I don't have enough glaze to dip the whole piece and I don't want to hand brush all those crevices. I didn't sand the rooster bank before the bisque because I was afraid I'd break it. What do you use to sand greenware, a dremmel tool? I also have the rooster and dog headed jars I fired separately and am wondering again the best way to deal with those.

Rather than pen and ink, I decided to work with the acrylic paints I already have. A bit incongruous to see a sunflower this time of year but the bright colors do cheer up ones attitude. I'm practicing on something called canvas paper in an eight by ten inch size. The colors are flat but I'm reading about painting with acrylic paint in several books I've checked out of the library. This morning I can see I have more shading to do to bring out more details. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. What a contrast between the bisque-ware so white and your bright sunflower painting! I dare say the glazes will help with the clay work having more color! Enjoy your acrylic adventure! Do you have any acrylic medium to mix into the paint? I like that it becomes more like a watercolor when thinned a bit with the medium, and then has the bright paper showing through a bit. or you can use it more like oils and just mix darker and lighter shades. Oh glazing big fragile pieces, I'm for the spray gun, if you've got a spray booth set up...don't forget to wear mask to spray!

  2. I have used sandpaper of varying coarseness to sand rough spots on bisque.
    That's what I love about acrylics, they dry quickly and you rework things in no time. Like Barb, I also used a medium to thin the paint. Have fun with the painting!

  3. White rabbit to you, too. We had only cold, cold rain on our football games last night, with the obligatory marching band.

  4. Wow! Snow! Just wet and rainy here in Northern Ohio! Never tried acrylics but love what you're doing :)

  5. Oh I love the cat sculpture, no matter how you finish it, it will be very cool. Snow in Georgia, eh? It got down to 40 here in Austin, we had to dig out the jackets to head out to the Formula 1 races this morning. I was up at 3 a.m. and remembered white rabbit. Enjoy being home and cozy this week-end.

  6. SNOW?! It's just started raining here.......such nice weather for bringing the rest of my plants in!

    I still say my first mother-in-law's variant!


  7. Snow? Bliss - and jealous thoughts. We are rushing full tilt into the searing inferno of summer.
    And congratulations on a(nother) successful firing.

  8. If you do more than a spot or two with the Dremel, you will kick up a lot of dust. wet sand then rinse and let dry a couple of days.


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