Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lots of Green

In this firing I had lots of pieces with green celadon glaze. These pieces are much prettier in person. My photo color is off and I can't figure out how to fix it. The green's are brighter and richer than the photos. This first one is a Queen Anne's Lace oblong bowl.

This is a round Queen Anne's Lace bowl. I am still surprised when I open the kiln at how much pieces shrink in the firings.

Here's a small Queen Anne's Lace platter. I need to make more of these Queen Anne's Lace pieces, hope there is still some blooming. I guess I could grow some carrots just for their flowers.

Here's a Queen Anne's Lace serving tray. You just may be able to see in the middle of each of the long sides the remnants of a handle which fell off when I was glazing. It made it through the bisque but I guess it wasn't attached very well. I sanded the attachment points and fired it anyway. For this tray and the platter above I rubbed RIO on the leaves. For the other's I didn't use RIO. Not sure which I like better.

Here's another leaf bowl with different leaves. You'll notice a slight difference in the color of the green's. I've used two different celadon glazes. One's a more blue green and the other a more Spring green.

One of my leaf dishes. I fired lots of them this time. A few with glaze tests. Got to go back over my notes to see which is which.

 Here are four green leaf dishes.

Here are the experimental tiles. I'll work on my lettering and I also plan to leave a bit more open space with more defined leaf impressions on the tile. Stay tuned for more from this firing coming up soon. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. The leaf dishes are my favorite!

    1. Hi Michele, thanks, no matter how many of those leaf dishes I make I never have enough as kiln fillers. Got to make more.

  2. Green is a wonderful colour. Love the leaf platters, itch to hold rather a lot of your work.

  3. Hi Sue, thanks, I'll try and take some better photos of the bowls out of doors in natural light; they really are much prettier in person than my ugly photos.

  4. I've got a leaf dish not dissimilar to the ones you've made. It was given to me by a girlfriend's mother for my 21st birthday...many moons ago. :)

  5. Hi Lee, thanks, oh how wonderful that you still have the leaf dish.

  6. Hi Linda.. the leaf dishes ARE great! Love the greens. I have Lady's Mantle leaf dishes in the bisque today.. that leaf makes a great impression.. and I must post something on my neglected blog!.. great to see your work.. cheers, Trish

  7. Hi Trish, thanks, oh I must look up and see what Lady's Mantle looks like. I am trying to find some larger leaves for serving pieces, we shall see if I can find something. Hope you post your leaf plates.


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