Friday, November 27, 2015

Leaf Plate Set(s) in Etsy Shop

 Leaf Plate Set in my etsy shop.

There are three more (four total) of these sets available.

These have a beautiful shiny blue/green and gold glaze on them.

I added a few other pieces to the etsy shop and I'll be adding more. Also I'm reducing my pottery library and there are several pottery books for sale. Thanks to those who've already placed an order; your item will ship today. 

Meanwhile I fired a bisque yesterday and the electricity went off right in the middle (on a perfectly clear day). So I ran down and unplugged the kiln. Then the electricity went back on so I went down and plugged the kiln in again and it started right up where it left off. Thank goodness it wasn't a glaze load. I'll see today if all is ok. I have two commission pieces in there. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Your bisque should be fine, we have lost power in the middle of a firing before. All was good.
    I wonder how many people had Thanksgiving dinner in the oven when the power went out? I bet there were some stressed out folks. Glad it came back on quickly.

  2. Hi Michele, thanks, I am glad it wasn't a glaze load, someone on fb said certain times could be critical. Yeah I am sure folks had stuff in the oven at that time. We were BBQing turkey thighs. btw if you see them in the store, they are great on the BBQ. One thigh is enough for two people.

  3. My sister runs an expensive long arm quilting machine. It cost several thousand dollars, and she worried about loss of power when the machine is running--i.e., blowing the mother board. So, she invested in a natural gas powered generator. Her thinking was not only to save her quilting machine, but to save the food in the freezers and to keep us able to flush toilets with no electricity to pump the well. The generator is under my bedroom window, and I find it far to noisy, from any room in the house, but that is not what I really have to say here. There is a brief interlude between the time the generator recognizes a loss of power and its fireing up. We lost power to the street recently, and in the brief interval that her computer lost power and started up again the hard drive was ruined. The moral is, there really seems no fool proof ways to cover all bases.

  4. Hi Joanne, thanks, I usually watch the weather very carefully but when there isn't a cloud in the sky and nothing predicted you are right there is nothing we can do to predict these things. Now I have heard that some electric companies had whole house surge protectors but I am sure they cost a lot. We have an gas powered generator but would need to know if the electricity is going off. When we had it wired into our home in florida we had to manually turn it on. I think a diesel engine is much noisier than a gas powered one but diesel is less expensive to run, we have yet to use the generator. Ha. Knock on wood.

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