Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lazy Sunday & Planting

Barney says it's a lazy Sunday. I have the sofa covered with towels to keep it cat hair free.

Meanwhile I am planting tomatoes and peppers, juliet and poblano.

Surprisingly my Spanish tarragon is coming back and I noticed the stevia is as well. I think the ground cover cloth and bark help insulate the roots from the freezes.

And my thyme is blooming; it's about two and half foot around now. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. Barney is lovely and he's looking very comfortable. I've got a couple of special throws I put on my sofa. Whenever I need my computer chair (Remy, my male cat and I frequently have a fight over it) all I need to do is put a freshly laundered throw-over on the sofa and Remy immediately claims it as his sleeping spot. It works every time...and I get my computer chair to myself! :)

    Nothing quite like home-grown herbs and vegetables...yum!

    1. Hi Lee, thanks, Barney likes the computer chair too and if we move him off of it he gets mad and tries to bite us, he is quite spoiled. He doesn't like to be picked up either, first cat I've had that doesn't like it, of course I didn't raise him so he may have had a trauma in the past that makes him not like being picked up. Can't wait to start harvesting especially the tomatoes. The ones at the store are tasteless and have a terrible texture.

  2. We have a lot of herbs come back in the spring. Good mulching helps for sure.

  3. Hi Lori, thanks, I remember last fall you said they'd come back and they did, I should have listened to you. Of course this winter wasn't as bad as the last two.

  4. You seem to have a green thumb. Keep going.

  5. Hi Gigi, thanks, oh I do love my garden and for outdoor plants I do have a green thumb from childhood.

  6. Do you ever plant by the moon, the info is in the Farmer's Almanac~~~my Dad aways did. You can get it on line


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