Friday, November 10, 2017

Fairhope & Jubilees

locals mullet fishing off the pier with a weighted net

 pelican waiting for the toss backs

 we're dreaming of having a sailboat on Mobile Bay,
it's the fourth largest estuary in the United States
Mobile Bay is the only place on earth
where jubilees are a common occurrence
a jubilee is when fish and crustaceans
swarm the shallow coastlines

Fairhope is a great little city on Mobile Bay
Jimmy Buffett once lived in Fairhope


  1. Oh I think a jubilee of this kind would be great!

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks, apparently the fish are searching for water with more oxygen in the dead of summer, it must be sight to see.

  2. Love the rose.
    Is that net fishing personal or commercial?

    1. Hi Sue, thanks, mild weather means roses in the fall, that is personal fishing, I learned all about it by asking the fisherman, interesting to know.


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