Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Two Buyers, One Vase

Several years ago there was the case of two buyers and one vase. A woman came into my booth at the farmer's market and looked at this vase. And she looked and looked and looked. Then she said she'd be back. I turned to Gary and said the next person who comes in here is going to buy that vase. Many times I have premonitions which actually happen.
Sure enough a woman walked into my booth not a minute later, went straight for this vase and purchased it. Most times folks who say they'll be back to your booth, never return. But several hours later the first woman came back looking for the vase; I had to tell her of the other woman's purchase. I had lots of other choices but those wouldn't do. I can't tell you how many times this has happened in my booth because most of my work really is one of a kind. The moral of the story is, if you see art you like, don't hesitate, buy it right away. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


  1. You said it! I've only had a few times that happened, and I hate to disappoint people.

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks, it happens to me more often than I would have expected. I do hate to disappoint people but sometimes they want me to make the exact same piece and for this vase I have never been able to get the glaze to get the same effect again.

  3. I'm in a conflicted state at present...with all my de-cluttering, I'm giving away to the Op Shops items I've made. It's hard parting with some things...items that hold memories...but one has to stop being sentimental at times...get tough...and forge forth!!

  4. Hi Lee, thanks, you are so right, it is hard because some things we gave or sold we need now and then other things we held onto we don't need at all. Getting older is not an easy task we are finding out.

  5. yes, indeed...I agree with you.
    thank you for the lesson.
    have a great day

  6. Hi Tanza, thanks, I still remember a watercolor painting I wanted to purchase years ago and waited and when I went back it was gone.


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