Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving
 to my relatives and past and present friends

a couple of wild turkeys
from my garden in California.

I accidentally hit the wrong keys on my computer
and now everything is shifted to the right and stretched out
I think it has something to do with the Fn key
but not sure what other combination of keys to hit
to fix it, if you have any ideas please let me know, thanks

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Well Traveled and Thrifty

To look at Gary's t-shirts you'd think he was well traveled. Gary wears t-shirts all the time and they wear out quickly. We were happy to find lots of thrift stores with a good selection of t-shirts. For a dollar or two one can get some really colorful t-shirts, many of which have never been worn. This Ron Jon t-shirt probably cost a pretty penny new. Gary used to surf so he particularly likes this one.

We did splurge and purchase this t-shirt from Aguila Seafood where we got all of our seafood while we were in Alabama and also brought an ice chest full back home.

See what I mean by well traveled; you'd think we just got back from the Cayman Islands. We tried finding t-shirts in this area but they cannot be found. Folks don't tend to wear t-shirts in this neck of the woods I guess.

The Barque Eagle, also known as America's Tall Ship, is a Coast Guard training ship and the only square rigger in government service. The ship was built in Germany in 1936 and was taken as war reparation after World War II.

Gary and I both love palm trees so this happy hour shirt was a must have. Many of these t-shirts are made of thick material and several are sewn well with flat fell seams. I mentioned the seams to Gary and he said what's that. Then he noticed how well made they were.

A construction shirt but it's from Palm Beach Florida so it was a keeper. Gary used to live near Palm Beach as a child where he learned to love the palm trees.

A really nice shirt from Hawaii celebrating the gecko. Who doesn't like a gecko; they eat bugs. You know any tropical location is going to have bugs, we be glad for the gecko. Hawaii has a law where pet geckos can be turned in rather than be released into the wild. There are some gecko species that are harmful to other wildlife. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Soft and Pale Sunset

haven't accomplished much the last couple of days
anyone else have to rest after a vacation?
discovered something called fluid acrylics
watched youtube videos almost all day yesterday.
day before I did make some soup and did laundry
and made curry shrimp yesterday

once my last two shows are over first week of December
I plan to do more painting on canvas
someone said you can sell a pot for $50
and a painting of a pot for $500

we got down to 29 the other morning
looks like we're in for a cold winter
Gary calls it entering the tunnel
because it's so dark for much of a day

got up to 60 during the day
so the solarium heats up
and we open the two lower doors and
let the heat rise into our home saving on electric heat

at the end of the day there was a soft and pale sunset
Barney followed me from one side of the deck to the other
while I was taking the photos, he's such a cute little boy
he really did miss us a lot and we missed him.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pinched Rice Bowls

 from the last firing, pinched rice bowls

it's been awhile since I pinched any pots
I need to pinch more often.

got home unloaded the car, 
unloaded an ice chest full of fish,
unloaded my smoker, toaster oven, clothes, etc
swept the driveway of leaves, quite a job;
couldn't get the blower started.

smoked some pork chops to give to our neighbors
who took care of Barney while we were gone
also delivered a small gift for them.
Barney is doing well, thank goodness, I love that little boy.

unloaded a bisque I fired right before I left. 
need to glaze asap.
wondering if I can make some more work 
and get it fired before the first weekend of December
we shall see.