Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Screaming Baby Rabbit

I just sat down at the computer to type up a post and I heard Barney at the door. I noticed it wasn't quite light outside and I let him in the house. Next thing you know I heard the most pitiful screaming cry coming from the kitchen.  I ran out to see what it was and saw that Barney had caught a baby rabbit and brought him in the house. I hadn't even see it; the rabbit's fur was the same color as Barney.

I called Gary and he came and got the rabbit in a dustpan and put him out on the bark. The rabbit was very traumatized. I went out with my camera to see if the rabbit was still there and it hopped up to some weeds. It sat there for a minute and then it ran away. I hope the rabbit is ok. Meanwhile Barney is scratching like crazy at the door to go outside. He'll have to stay in for quite a while now to give the baby rabbit a chance to get away. I previously had given Barney a half a can of wet cat food so it wasn't like he was hungry. But cats are hunters; it's in their instinct and they can't help themselves.

I looked up a video so you could hear what a baby rabbit sounds like and as I was playing it Barney came running into the bedroom and jumped up on the computer desk looking for the rabbit. Big mistake. Now Barney is lying by my chair looking and looking for that rabbit. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Take a walk on the Wild Side

Yesterday red mushrooms were blooming in a our lawn.

Brown mushrooms were popping up along the roadside.

 Look at the pattern on this mushroom.

Remember the cheese boards I made.

Nature is a wonderful inspiration.

 Someone already harvested this one fallen over so quickly.

 There's magic to be seen in the lowly mushroom if you look.

Take a walk on the wild side. Right outside your door there's beauty and mystery waiting to be discovered. White rabbit to you today. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Posey Pot or Bud Vase or Michelin Man

At the farmer's market this past weekend someone asked me for a posey pot. Wasn't quite sure what that was, then they said it's for a single rose. Oh a bud vase. I only had one so I decided to make some more. These are all about three to four inches tall. Gary says they look like the michelin man.

Quite some time ago I decided to try a bag of dark brown clay, Standard 266. Even though it's been on a shelf quite a while it's still very workable, although it does stain my hands and everything else quite a bit. We shall see how it fires up. Things are taking longer to dry because it's the time of year we open our windows at night and close them in the morning and don't use the air conditioning. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The New King of the House, a new Friend

In less than a year we lost three cats, Binky, Butter, then Betty. Sometimes it felt like too much to bear. As luck would have it we had Barney, an outdoor cat hanging around. Barney was here when we moved in and he came with our house. Barney has probably been suffering his own personal loss; someone left him here when they moved. Barney is a true manx cat and very independent but also friendlier than we thought he was. We're so fortunate to have him here; he is the new king of the house. A while ago we started letting him in the house a few minutes at a time to be sure he didn't "mark" his territory. As you can see he has made himself at home.

At first when Barney came in the house he looked and looked everywhere for Butter. He'd look behind the bed, then he'd look under the bed. He sniffed every piece of furniture and looked in every nook and cranny. Many times I had to open closet doors just to let him look around. Every day he'd come in and make his rounds looking and looking. Even though the two male cats didn't get along, looking back, I guess they were friends. I washed sheets and towels trying to rid the scent of Butter so Barney wouldn't look for him so much. It was so sad seeing him sniff everywhere around the house looking for Butter. His incessant looking brought up my own feelings of loss.

There's a lesson here for us humans. Perhaps you don't care for a neighbor, maybe you have a friend you can take or leave, possibly a relative or two. How do you think you'll feel when they're gone? You might miss them more than you thought you ever would. They might be more of a friend than you realize. Something to ponder; something to think about. I guess Barney is our new friend, someone for us to love and care for. Had another great day at the market today; I appreciate all my new pottery customers and collectors. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.