Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mini Cooper Club Visit My Pottery Studio

How many mini coopers can you fit in our driveway? Would you believe ten? I actually think we could have fit a few more if they had parked closer together. Ha. The mini cooper club visited my pottery today. Who knew a car club would love pottery.

The club visit encouraged me to clean my studio and the solarium this week. This enabled me to set up more pottery in the solarium. The kiln is under the sheet but I did uncover it for their visit.

The shelves were full before the club arrived. The greenroom (adjacent) is also full of pottery and some light refreshments I provided for the club. I gave a tour of my studio and I gave a short talk about pottery explorations describing how I make my work.

Here's another photo of the mini cooper's, which traveled here from eight different states. If you are in Blairsville Georgia this weekend you may see the mini coopers traveling around. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Studio Tours

Spring is a perfect time to host tours of your pottery studio. I know it isn't Spring yet but it doesn't hurt to get organized in advance of the Spring rush.

Recently I was contacted by several groups planning to visit this area wanting to tour my studio. Even a Mini Cooper Car Club plans to visit.

I've been busy cleaning up my studio after the holiday rush and rearranging the solarium to accommodate larger groups.

When groups visit I usually give a mini tour of my studio. I always like to have several pieces on display showing various stages of work:  green, bisque, and glazed.

In the room adjacent the studio I have my pottery showroom with work for sale. Work packed for shows sometimes needs too be unpacked to fill shelves.  I serve light refreshments for groups scheduling visits. What type of refreshments do you use for your studio tours? Do you have any recommendations or hints of what to expect. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Amaranth for Breakfast

A few years ago I had some cold cereal that said it was made with amaranth and it was delicious. Since that time it has disappeared. But I saw some amaranth grain at the grocery the other day so I decided to try it as a hot breakfast cereal.

Cooked amaranth has the texture of quinoa and is mild in taste. I added honey and cinnmon to mine. The health benefits of eating amaranth are tremendous. It contains calcium, folate, vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and zinc. It is also a complete protein grain and contains lysine which many grains do not. Try it you might like it. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shoe of Comfort

Barney loves his daddy; he loves Gary. Here he is lying on Gary's shoe while Gary plays with him with a mouse toy on a string attached to a stick. Gary's shoe is a piece of solace Barney knows to be true and kind and accepting. I feed Barney and fill his water bowl and make sure he has a comfortable place to sleep but I know Barney prefers Gary's company. Some of you may remember Barney was abandoned by his previous owner and we adopted him.

One day the owner, a male, came by and Gary met him at the street. He didn't ask about Barney but we now surmise Barney was his cat. The previous owner came upon hard times and had to leave Barney. We are so thankful to have Barney in our life; so much so that we put off moving to pay off all of our bills because we just can't justify abandoning Barney one more time in his life. No, Barney can't be moved somewhere else, sometimes a person just knows these truths. Is that crazy? Perhaps. But without love and feelings what good is there to living. What good is there to living in this world.

It's taken Barney almost two years to relax and enjoy us in his home. I say his home because this was his home before we moved here. We were invaders. I couldn't pick him up and hold him till just this year. Two years to hold a cat in your arms. Barney's feelings run deep. Every day I learn just how deep they are.

Here is Barney in the insulated and cushioned cat house I built for him. It's taken Barney more than a year to feel comfortable in this house but now he does. Today he took a nap four different times in his cat house. Time heals all wounds they say; I guess that's true, even cats can recover eventually.

Every day I hope to survive the abandonment of friends and relatives. My sad feelings run deep but ever so slowly my feelings drift into the past, then into the future. Feelings slowly, slowly releasing me from past shoes of comfort and kindness. I never realized until today my hope and search has been for another shoe to rest my feelings upon, a shoe of comfort in a world divided. Now I think, I believe, I know, we are all searching for a shoe of comfort. We are all seeking a validation of our past and a hope for the future. Aren't we all seeking a commonality of humanity, a shoe of comfort.