Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Luna Moth & Long Leaf Plate

When we lived in Arkansas, I was amazed to see a luna moth one day. What an incredible camoflauge they have to protect them against predators. The dots on their wings look like eyes so the luna moth appears much larger than they really are to a predator. Luna Moth plate is 9 inches square, hand built stoneware. Lead free glazes in warm tones are used to accent the luna moth in its natural habitat.

Long Leaf Plate was inspired by the taller native grasses which grow in the oak studded savannah where we live. In the Spring many varieties of grasses grow quickly eventually setting seed before the heat of summer turns them brown. Long Leaf Plate is 14 x 5 inches. Lead free glazes are reminiscent of the olive and gray green leaves and background color shimmers as if the wind were blowing.

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