Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Test Tiles

We opened the kiln today - what a great firing! I wanted to take a photo before the kiln was unloaded but was visiting my father-in-law in the hospital and got to class early but after someone had unloaded the kiln. The witness Cone 11 was melted flat, so we were a bit hot, but the glazes turned out wonderful. I got home at 7 p.m. made dinner and showed all my fired pieces to my husband. Later I started to hang the test tiles temporarily on the wall so I could take a photo. Then I discovered glaze had filled the hole on two of the tiles. I started drilling the holes out and broke a drill bit, next one of the test tiles broke (I can epoxy it back together again).

Test tiles are all Rod's Mix stoneware clay. Here is my quick line up of the test tiles from from left to right, top row first. Masterson Orange, Celadon, Autumn Brown, Lyon Tan, Autumn Yellow, Aegean Blue, Tan Matte, Transparent, Jensen Red, AK Plum, Sun Valley, Artificial Salt, Tea Dust Black, Fake Ash, Speckled Gray, Non Iron Blue Celadon, and Green to Black Satin Matte. Tea Dust Black, Fake Ash, Non Iron Blue Celadon and Green to Black Satin Matt are Tom Coleman glazes.

Some of the test tiles are hard to see and would show up better if I had taken a photo of one test tile at a time. But for now these will have to do. Next I'll be posting a series of photos of the pieces I have glazed with each of the glazes from above. You will be better able to appreciate the glazes shown on a larger piece of ceramic. There are several promising glazes which I will be using in my next glaze firing.

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