Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glazing Inspiration from Clouds

While I was watering my lavender this morning, I couldn't help but notice the clouds in the sky. The wind was carrying them in all different directions blending them into streaks of feathery, wispy, and puffy forms. If only I could blend glaze colors together like the clouds - wouldn't that be spectacular. Then I remembered the ceramic jar I purchased this weekend from Scott Vaughn and Wayne Duke of Reedley Clayworks. I remarked about how the glazes reminded me of a desert landscape. Looking at the jar again, I see a resemblance to the cloud formations I often see at my home. Now I know why I was drawn to purchase this piece of pottery at the Redbud Art & Craft Show in Three Rivers.
The glaze on the jar looks like it might have been sprayed, but I am not sure. I hope some day my glazes will be as beautiful as that on this jar. Of course, Reedley Clayworks has been doing pottery since the 1960's, so they have much more experience than I do. Spraying glazes is one technique I hope to try one day to see what effects I can create with my own ceramic pieces.

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