Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slab Rollers

Since I do mostly hand building, I have been looking for a used slab roller for some time. They don't often come up for sale used. Last week I saw an ad for a used slab roller and called right away, but, unfortunately the slab roller was already sold. I was so disappointed. So I did a search on the internet and was excited to discover a post about how to build a slab roller fairly inexpensively on a forum in Wetcanvas. Apparently the original poster found the instructions in a book Getting Into Pots: A Basic Pottery Manual by George and Nancy Weitlaufer, originally published in 1975 by Prentice Hall, this book is now out of print. The instructions were also reprinted in Ceramics Monthly in February 1977.

We had our last ceramics class for the semester yesterday and one of my classmates, Edwin Batsch (second page on the left), who makes kinetic sculptures and clay masks, agreed to build me a slab roller. Ed is very talented when it comes to anything mechical and he thought making a slab roller would be fairly easy. For him, maybe, but not me. Ed and I will get together in a week or so to purchase the supplies and then he'll build the slab roller. I can't wait to have my very own slab roller. I am dreaming of all the things I can make this summer with a slab roller close at hand. Not having to transport slabs in the back of my car and back again will make it possible for me to spend more time working with clay.


  1. Linda,
    Thanks for the info on the slab roller. I am also interested in building an inexpensive yet structurally sound one as yours seems to be.
    Would it be possible to post or send more detailed photos of the gear set-up? I am a technically challenged potter so the more detail the better....ha!

  2. Hi Norma, thanks, the guy who made my slab roller looked at the one at the college and pattered his after that one. I know next to nothing about engineering either and my slab roller is under a pile of stuff since I just moved. Hope you can find some info out. What area are you in? I have occasionally seen used slab rollers on Craigslist, keep checking there and sometimes pottery stores have bulletin boards or clay clubs know of rollers for sale, but they go quickly.


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