Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Jenuine Junque" & Impressions in Clay

I was visiting my friend, Shifra, the other day at her shop "Jenuine Junque" in Springville. If you're passing through our town, be sure to stop at "Jenuine Junque". You never know what treasure you might find including one of a kind art, jewelry, clothing, and all sorts of wonderful gifts. Be sure walk around in the gardens and visit the side yard for wonderful "junque" for your garden.

While I was visiting, I asked Schifra if she had any jars of old buttons for sale. She was wondering why I wanted mismatched buttons. I explained that ceramic artists are always looking for items to texture their clay.

Since her shop carries lots of unique items, I thought for sure she might have a jar of buttons for sale. She didn't have a whole jar for sale, but looked in her personal stash and gave me some great buttons and other things to use for texture tools. Thanks Schifra, I have already put some of the items you gave me to good use.

red stoneware sombrero chip and dip platter
I'm calling this my Sombrero Chip & Dip Platter. I never know where or what I might find to use to texture clay. Here I have used a button with a star pattern to press into the clay, as in the first detail photo above.


  1. Hi Linda! I was reading Brandon's blog "Mochaware" and saw your comment. Decided to visit your blog.... and then saw that you're in Springville! I split my time between Bakersfield and Cambria. Enjoyed your blog and will put you on my blog roll. Come visit!

  2. Hi Patricia, we're practically neighbors. We love going to Cambria and have some good friends who live there. Boy you go from hot to cool with those two locations. I'll check out your blog. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the very nice comment. I checked out a few months of your posts and I really enjoyed the three compartment server and there was another piece but I forgot now what it was! Also that necklace you made was beautiful and most recently the two little teacups with the square dotted impressions. They have a contemporary look to them that I find very appealing. I go to Laguna CA usually at least once a year and maybe someday I can say hello-Take care-Deb

  4. Deb, thanks for checking out my blog too. I appreciate your comments on my stuff and value your opinion. Do you get your clay at Laguna? What a long way to go if you do. Hope to meet you in person some day. My husband's family is from New Hampshire and if we come out there some time in the future I will look you up.

  5. I get my clay and glaze materials through Portland Pottery out of Portland Maine. They currently deliver up to 2000 lbs. for about 65 dollars so it's not a bad deal.

  6. Deborah, I'm going to have to start having mine delivered, fuel prices are a killer these days.


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