Sunday, September 28, 2008

Common Buckeye Butterfly

Here's the Common Buckeye butterfly, Junonia coenia, on lantana in my garden. He doesn't look too common to me, but that's his common name. Anyway, I am off to the college studio for my independent study class to finish loading a bisque. I am also anxiously to unload a glaze load today. The pieces I have in the kiln were made before summer and left at the college. The classroom was painted and all the green ware was put outside and sat in the weather all summer long. I dusted a ton of dirt off of them and put them in the bisque load. They made it through but had some iron stains on them. Could the iron have come from all the dirt in the air? Now I'll see how they do through the glaze load. I tried out several new glazes on some trays and bread basket bowls - hopefully they all turned out and I'll have some photos to post later this week.


  1. they just sat out???????
    Cannot WAIT TO SEE IT ALL!

  2. Read on, big disappointment.


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