Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Morning

Someone left some fresh eggs at my door step - they're beautiful.

I'm headed to the college studio early to do some glazing. I love working in the studio when I have it all to myself. Just need to print out my glaze log sheet to take with me. Here are my column headings: Date, Piece Description, Clay Body, Glaze, Number of Coats/Application Method, Firing Method & Temp. What do you keep track of on your glaze logs?


  1. I haven't kept a glaze log in awhile, because I use so few glazes and can tell what they are right off the bat. But, as I add glazes to my palette, I realize that I might have to do that.

    Also - I know I need to keep a glaze log when I fire in reduction at the guild because I'm not familiar with the glazes (there's at least 40) and the different possible outcomes. I had a few cool pieces that came out of the kiln the last time I fired there and a few people asked me what I used and I couldn't tell them with certainty what I used. I wish I had written it down.

    I do keep a kiln log however for each firing I do.

  2. I have never kept a glaze log! From time to time I make some tiles to keep track of combos I like, and will be doing so today. Man, I am NOT an organized guy....

  3. Hi Gary and Cynthia, I have to keep a glaze log as with high fire, the glaze doesn't always come out the same with each firing. I also have had folks ask about a particular glaze and not know what it was. I have also noticed that different clay bodies make the glaze react totally different, sometimes good sometimes bad, so if I log which clay body I use I will know for the future.

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  5. If I am firing tests, or just using my glazes in a way I have not tried before I jot a quick and unattractive sketch of the pot in question and make notes of what is where. Generally speaking, I have reduced the number of my glazes enough and tried them in so many ways, that like Cynthia I pretty much can tell what is what.

  6. Hi Deborah,

    For my Cone 10 glazes, I am now experimenting with overlapping glazes and some sculpture pieces I am using many glazes and it's ard to keep them all straight. I may start taking photos of the glazed pieces and use that in my journal. I hope to be able to narrow down some of the glazes as I go. I have about 14 Cone 10glazes and with overlapping it can get complicated. I think I can remember, but then when they come out of the kiln I can't. Plus some were glazed last semester and then sat for 3 months before they were fired and there was no way I could remember them. I think the sketch would help more than the description, thanks for the tip.


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