Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi Spike, I'm Binky

Check out Gary Rith's, Potter's Blog to see his cat Spike, I think my cat, Binky, is Spike's cousin !


  1. Except Binky isn't fat like Spike! What a handsome tiger though.
    (16 years here in December! :)

  2. Binky is very fat, you just can't see it. He was lost in the snow for over a month when he was 9 months old catting around before he was fixed and lost half of his body weight and has now made up for it. Binky is about 9 years old now.

  3. Cute! Both Spike and Binky - though I loved the photos of the dogs on his site because I'm such a dog fan myself. I think I saw a dog with a cape?

    We had a very fat cat at one time - "Santa's Little Helper" (rip) who was at one time 22 lbs large, and no he was not big boned either. ;)

  4. Hi Cynthia. Twenty-two pounds, yikes. I think Binky is about 18 or so and Butter is about 16 and they are both big boned. Betty is the dainty one, perhaps 10 pounds. Hopefully when we sell our house we will travel a bit, so we don't want to add a dog to the mix just yet, since travelling with three cats is going to be quite a feat in itself.


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