Friday, September 5, 2008

Jinxed ?

pull apart or cut at seam coffee bean bag
Yesterday, I was hurrying to turn the water off so I could head down to the classroom to make some ceramic pieces, and I tripped on something. I couldn't catch myself and fell forward. Since I was walking fast - I headed for the ground full speed ahead but still moving forward. I tried to stop myself but kept heading forward and down at a rapid rate of speed. My head hit a post, my knee hit a rock, and my hands saved me from running head on into another post. I landed in a dry creek bed we put in which is lined with lots of cobble (rocks). Yikes, it hurt like "h...". I lay there a bit dazed, wondering if I broke anything. Since I am the only one here during day, I was thinking, what would have happened if I had been knocked out. My husband would have come home to find me lying in the grass. I'm not a klutz, I'm actually fairly coordinated, but when you are trying to do too many things in one day, something is bound to happen. I am just thankful I didn't break any bones.

fresh coffee beans
OK, so this morning I got up and filled up the automatic, cat water dispenser and it slipped out of my hand and spilled water all over the floor. Well that wasn't so bad, I just cleaned it up. Later I went to make my morning coffee and I couldn't get the coffee bean bag open. I tried and tried and it just wouldn't open. I was really getting angry at that coffee bean bag. Knowing my luck the last couple of days, I had visions of it opening abruptly and the beans spilling all over the floor. So I decided to stop for a minute and look at the bag. It said , "Pull apart or cut at seam". I like to pull it apart so I can seal up the bag afterwards to keep the beans fresh. Then in small print, (I couldn't get the camera to focus on those letters) I read, "New Easy Open Bag" - yeah right. Anyway as you can see I finally got the bag open and had my coffee.

 a few bowls and plates in drying
I did manage to make a few things at the school studio yesterday. After I made them I remembered it was Thursday and the studio isn't open on Friday. So I had to bring the pieces home to finish and trim them. I had to carry them one by one to my car, then one by one into my home. Next week I'll have to do the reverse. What a pain in the neck. Here they are sitting on the floor of my home drying. I left a couple of special bowls, someone asked me to make, drying on the rack at school. More about those next week - and also a kiln opening from stuff left over from last semester - I can't even remember all I had in there.

OK, maybe I'm not jinxed. I didn't break any bones, got the water cleaned up, got the coffee bag open finally, and got a few clay pieces made and home safely. Whenever I start to feel sorry for myself, I remind myself there are others in the world who have real problems. So I am back to my daily chores for today, cheerfully, but very slowly though, since I'm a really sore from my fall yesterday.


  1. Linda,
    Sorry about your fall etc; I found it so interesting since I just really messed myself up with a fall.

    In Cabella's outdoor store .. tripped over a tent.. fall flat on my face on a Saturday in busy part of day... Have a knee replacement.. worried I had shattered bone.. lying there on the floor unable to move with ten sales guys all hovering..
    Major pain, Right knee numb. They had to pull me up-I am not a lightweight lol.

    I go out of the store in a wheel chair and at the last moment they hold up a tent and say to me "is this what you were looking for?"

    I am still recovering from the fall; it happened shortly after surgery and did mess up recovery.

    I am trying to get over the feeling of being clumsy and shaky but the fall freaked me out.
    Stay well and keep making those great pots. Joan Tucker
    Off Center Productions

  2. Hi Joan, nice to see you here. I am so sorry about your fall, I am glad you didn't break your knee. It is kind of shocking when you fall so quickly when all you were doing was walking. It shook me up and the next two days I was so sore, like I had been run over by a truck. I got on your website again and that white porcelain bowl is just spectacular. I love all your work and Lana's too. You said something about the beadmobile - do you have a photo of that? Wow, I just saw you have a blog, I'll have to visit and put you on my blogroll. See you there.

  3. Linda, Nice hearing from you. I will post a picture of the Beadmobile. We just returned from a trunk show today and it went well and we met great beadheads.

    Falling is suddenly terrifying. I have been healing for three weeks and have a permanent indentation on the knee cap.I always was limber but I have arthritis and cannot deny that anymore. I must be more careful. I do not like any of this. Stay well and kepp making those terrific pots. Joan T

  4. Oh goodness, be careful! I fell on the ice twice last winter and MY WRIST STILL GETS SORE. ugh. What a dumb reason to hurt yourself.
    Gorgeous little pots there, you know.

  5. Hi Gary, the wrist - that's scary for a potter. My knee is still swollen and I can't kneel down without it hurting like a son of a gun. I'm surprised how much a person actually has to kneel. I'm back to school today early to make some more pots.


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