Monday, September 8, 2008

Last But Not Least

I finally have something out of the kiln from the school studio. These are from last semester and I have been waiting a long time for them. There is the good and bad due to various circumstances. I think I am giving up on re glazing. Sometimes it works, but more often than not it may cover a spot that crawled, but the color of the glaze changes and the second glazing isn't as nice as the original glazing anyway.

The condiment dish from Rod's Mix clay is 1 high x 10 wide and was re glazed with an ash glaze instead of a Masterson's Brown which came out kind of a yellow-brown color originally.

Next you will see what my husband calls my Elvis collar vase from half and half clay and is 9.5 x 2.25 with the collar being 6 inches at the widest point. The interior glaze is a perfect grey white matte but the exterior still hasn't done anything I like at all. I give up. It took me several hours to make this vase and keep the collars from drooping, so I really hated to give up on this vase.

Here's a free form kind of undulating coil pot from Rod's Mix clay 11.5 high x 3 wide I made and glazed with the ash glaze. No mottled tan I was expecting on this one at all. Isn't reduction fun.

This triple serving dish from Rod's Mix clay is 2 high 17 long x 8 wide and would have been perfect, but the cone pack base had an air bubble in it and it exploded and landed in the middle of my serving dish (darn the kiln loader anyway). See the three little spots of unglazed clay in the middle section. I am just sick. I love the shape and glaze on this serving dish. The photo doesn't do justice to this organic matt black, gray and green glaze. Does anyone know - can I grind the pieces of clay off and touch it up with a re glaze? Here we go again with a re glaze.

Last but not least, is my Castle Vase. My husband calls it the Cinderella Vase. That's actually a nice name, I may adopt it. This vase from half and half clay is 11.5 high x 5.5 wide and took me a bit of time to construct in three sections and then put together. The idea came to me in a daydream and when I finished making the vase, it was slightly different than the prototype I had drawn but pretty close. My intent was for the pediments to be glazed a contrasting color from the body of the vase and the pedestal. The body is glazed in a blue celadon and the pediments are tea dust black. Before the bisque firing, someone knocked the bottom from the top, so for the glaze firing I fired them separately. I am going to epoxy the pediment base to the top vase section. My photo doesn't do justice to this beautiful flowing blue glaze. I am happy with this one.


  1. Hi Linda! I like the Cinderella pot too! Really pretty. And, on re-firing, I'm going to refire (I hope this week) some pots that had crazed. We'll see...!

    I had to come back to Bakersfield until end of month because I handle the publicity and advertising for our Kern County Fair. It's crazy insane busy right now!

    I brought the pots back here with me and will stick them in the kiln here. It might as well be working while I'm working!

    Might be time for some chocolate! :)

  2. Oh yes, the work all looks very good, esp. Cinderella!

  3. Hi Patricia, that's a big job taking care of the fair advertising and publicity.

    Good luck with your reglazing. I have had luck covering crazing, but the color of my glazes changed in the second firing. As you can see on the elvis collar vase the color still isn't good at all. I might try one more time for that one, third times a charm, I hope.

    Hi Gary, I think I might let my husband name stuff, he does a much better job than me. He actually started talking about trying the wheel - I'd love it if I could get him interested too. I'm working on it.

  4. Yah if you are refiring in reduction you are almost never going to get your pot out looking the same. Probably your best chance would be to place the pot in the exact same location in the kiln. You could always Dremmell (spell?) tool those pieces out and reglaze the spots, but remember, the glaze might change considerably on refiring. Maybe just keep it for yourself and enjoy it as is. You won't see those specks with food in the tray.

  5. Hi Deborah, you are probably correct. This glaze was some that no one knows the recipe cause someone else made it - so I may keep the pot for myself.

    I am wondering, if I do reglaze, will the glaze on there change if I just add a dot of glaze to where I dremmel?


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