Monday, September 8, 2008

Little Miss Curiosity

I'm home alone right now; it's just me and the cats. If I hear a noise in another part of the house, I almost always know it's Betty, our curious cat. I just say "Be-e-e-t-y" and she comes running. Betty is always getting into something. Here she is this morning in the bathroom cabinet.

When we first moved here, the satellite guy came to hook it up. He climbed in the attic through a crawl space in the bedroom closet ceiling. After he left, I couldn't find Betty in the house anywhere, I called and called her and she was no where to be found. I thought maybe she had gotten outside and it was getting dark. We have coyotes and great horned owls around here, so I was really worried. Later that evening I saw Betty sauntering down the hallway, looking kind of pleased with herself. I asked her where she had been. Of course she didn't say anything, but her whiskers were covered with something. I looked closely and saw it was insulation fibers. I went into the bedroom where the satellite installation guy had been and the cover to the attic was slightly ajar. I knew Betty had been in the attic all day long.

When Betty was just a kitten, we kept finding her inside the kitchen cabinets and we couldn't figure out how she got in there. The cabinets were the type which didn't have handles on the front, we had to put our hand on the lower or upper portion in a little groove to open them. And they also would close automatically. We'd hear the doors slamming and go in the kitchen and Betty was no where to be found. We'd look in all the lower cabinets and there she'd be in one of them. So any time we couldn't find Betty, we'd go in the kitchen and look in the lower kitchen cabinets and she'd be in there.

One night we heard the cabinet doors slamming in the kitchen and we slowly peaked in the kitchen and we saw Betty hanging from the top of the lower cabinet door with her paws. She was so small she didn't even touch the ground with her back feet. While she was hanging there, she was leaning her body out and away from the cabinet, kind of thrusting herself backwards, which caused the door to open. Then when the door was open, she'd jump down and scurry into the cabinet before the door closed behind her. We were amazed. We were amazed then and still are by Betty, Little Miss Curiosity.

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