Thursday, September 4, 2008

Making Progress on My Studio

Welcome to the beginnings of my new clay studio.

As you walk in on the right you'll see my work table, which is probably cleaner than it will ever be again. I'm planning on putting some Velcro around the table and having a skirt to hide my tools, as you read on you'll see why (much too messy looking). There's a book shelf beside the work table with my stereo and the air conditioner above.

The sliding door has a view of Black Mountain which was shown in the previous post.

I'll be putting my slab roller in front of the sliding door.

On the left are the empty shelves for the green and finished ceramic pieces. I'll probably put some liner on the shelves and I have some sheet rock I can put on some of the shelves for drying plates and tiles. I have some open shelves in the house I'll still use to dry green ware so air can circulate.

I'll do my firing in my kiln on the back porch.

I'll either do glazing outside where there is water available or on the back porch when it might be raining, there's lots of room to spread out in both places.

Then there is one small bookcase dedicated to my lavender products, which I still have to rearrange since I moved everything.

And then there are all the tools of the trade to move in there - what a mess.

Here's the entrance and exit to the studio.

Here's another view in the garden; that's Cow Mountain in the distance. It's back to work for me.


  1. I am so glad you live in such a pretty place with such a nice studio, because that way we can plan our vacation visit you!

  2. Hey Gary, I hope we sell before then, but if not you and your family are welcome to visit. If we do sell we plan on visiting a lot of folks from the blogs while we are traveling around in our motorhome, so we might be visiting you.


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