Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Problem

Today my friend, Connie, and I went to the Otto Heino solo exhibit at College of the Sequoias and also to the That Extra Dimension 2008, an Invitational Sculptural Art exhibit at the Arts Visalia Gallery. On the way to Visalia, we just narrowly missed hitting a large box in the middle of the highway. No problem.

Originally we were to go on Wednesday, but Connie wanted to change to Friday. Well, guess what? The Heino exhibit is only open Monday through Thursday. No problem. I got a few photos through the window display and will go back next week to see the rest. The first is a Lemon Yellow Belly Button Vase. Otto Heino is 94 years old and is still working in clay, which gives me a bit of encouragement since I have come to clay later in life.

The plate by Otto Heino is Lemon Yellow Glaze with Three Copper Red Dots (Fire, Water, Earth). I love the contrast between the red and the yellow glazes. Several articles about Heino say he gets up at 4 am in the morning and throws 12 pieces and then has breakfast. I'm a morning person but 4 am is too early for me.

On the way to the Arts Visalia Gallery we came around a corner and just missed hitting an orange and white kitten by inches and a car coming the other way just missed hitting the kitten too. No problem. Next we went to Arts Visalia Gallery and guess what, my camera batteries went dead and all my spare batteries were also dead, so I only got a few photos, back again next week. No problem.

As a teaser, here are a few photos I took till my camera quit working. The first is a sculpture by Carol Clum, Woman at Ease, high fired clay. Next is a piece by Mark Ahlstrand, Untitled, ceramic, leather wood. On the way to lunch, while waiting for a light to change, a bicycle rider squeezed between my car and a parked car and his handle bars hit my car. No problem.

Otto likes to give advice about life, "Never hurry, never worry, and leave something for the country you were born in. Live, laugh, learn, and be positive. Then, you'll make it" No problem.


  1. Oh boy.....YES, I'd say that is a road map for life.
    I can see you're trying to smile through a few nerve wracking moments?

  2. Hi Gary, you're up awfully early. Actually when stuff happens to me like that, I just say, "Oh well, it could have been worse" and each situation definitely could have been worse.


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