Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ojai Studio Artists Tour

The Ojai Studio Artists Tour 2008 is October 11 and 12. I am hoping to get away to attend. Ceramic artists include Richard Flores, Richard Franklin, Otto Heino, Edward Morgan, Leslie Thomspon, and Bruce Tomkinson as well as many other artists working in various media including glass, jewelry, oil, pastel, printmaking, sculpture, and wood.


  1. Hello Linda;

    Thanks for being a faithfull reader! Would you be interested in an interview?
    I may be going to Ojai again this yeart too!

  2. Otto too?
    I am getting ready for Ithaca Art Trail, that weekend plus the next, and people better pack their check books and come over!!!!!

  3. Welcome Chris, I'll email you privately.

    Gary, too bad I live so far, would love to stop by.


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