Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Textured Vases & Fuji Apples

All of these apples came from one Fuji apple tree I planted almost four years ago. The tree was really loaded down. I was remiss in thinning them so they are a bit small but are really tasty. I don't use any herbicides or pesticides on any of my fruits or vegetables. I only had three or four apples with worm holes, the rest are fine.

The deer have stripped every leaf off all the lower limbs of the other fruit trees, but didn't discover this tree. I tasted one of the apples and it seemed ripe, but the deer are probably smarter than I am. The apples probably could go a bit longer. Last year I let them go longer and the deer ate every apple but one. Not this year; I left the wormy ones out there for them, but deer don't seem to eat anything from the ground only from about two feet off the ground up to five feet.

Here are four hand built textured vases I made yesterday. The largest is 15 inches tall and the smallest is 11.5 inches tall. All are 5 inches in diameter. I used a section of PVC pipe to shape the clay around. Before I form the clay around the PVC pipe, I spray it with WD-40 which allows the form to slip nicely off the pipe after it hardens up a bit. Then I attach the bottom and do some clean up. My texture tools are a plastic bath mat, a plastic place mat, and a fondant roller.


  1. Hey these pots are great!
    Wow on the apples, whre do you live, I'll be over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Gary, my husband, also Gary, took one of these apples to work today and is a connissour of apples, he said my apple are the best apples he has ever tasted. Home grown is definitely better. Apparently I didn't pick them too soon.

  3. These are really nice Linda. They seem really graceful.

  4. Thanks Deborah, I'm off on so many tangents, but having fun while I am there.

  5. I like the look of the textured hand built vases. There is something slow and soothing about handbuilding.

  6. Hi Cheryl, I really love hand building and more often than not the clay tells me what it wants to become.


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