Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slab City, Salvation Mountain, and the Salton Sea

We're taking a clay detour today. Last Spring we went on a short vacation to the Anza Borrego Desert of Southern California. As we were driving South, Gary told me about Slab City and how lots of snowbirds go there to stay in the winter to escape the cold weather. They stay there in their motor homes and enjoy the sunny desert air. Gary always wanted to see Slab City so we made a small detour on our way to see the wildflowers of the Anza Borrego desert.

I pictured a beautiful desert oasis, but, to me, most of slab city is a barren wasteland. There was, however, a few bright spots that were worth the small detour. There was seeing Salvation Mountain in person. If you are ever nearby, it is worth a trip. To me Leonard Knight's creation definitely portrays outsider art. Leonard has sculpted, painted and created his own mountain shrine to God's Love. All of this has been created with scrounged bits and pieces from dumps and donations from passersby. To me the mountain is a symbol of what one person with determination can do.

Next we headed to the Salton Sea. As the name implies, this is a salty sea, 25% saltier than the ocean. It is also the largest body of water in California at 35 miles long and 15 miles wide The sea is also 227 feet below sea level and only has a depth of a maximum of 51 feet. The Salton Sea is an important stopover point for birds on the Pacific flyway and bird watching is wonderful along the sea. The sea also has one of the most productive fisheries in the world. If you like to fish or bird watch this is a place to go.

Writing about our vacation last year makes me want to go on another vacation real soon.


  1. Unfortunately I can't afford the trip that far. would love to though, perhaps some day.


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