Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Grabber

For those of you just tuning in today, I'm not lazy, I have a bad back. Anything I can do to minimize stress on my discs as I go about my daily chores is a good thing. I've wanted to get one of these contraption's for quite some time. Low and behold I found one at Target in the household department. It's called the grabber. This morning I was able to pull a heavy glass coffee cup from the top shelf with ease with the grabber. I know it should be ceramic, but sometimes I like seeing my coffee and cream in a clear cup - it makes me feel like I have a coffee latte when I just have a regular coffee with cream in the cup. The glass cup felt real secure in my "extended" hand. Check it out. This item is good for getting items up off the floor too.


  1. Sure hope your 'grabber' helps give your weary back a break!

  2. Never heard of it, but then I don't have a bad back either...glad to know that it's helping you. I sort of like clear mugs too - it's nostalgic for me because my grandma had glass mugs at one time.

  3. Hi Judy, the grabber is working out good for me.

    Hi Meredith, it's good for short people trying to reach things up high.

    Hi Cynthia, I think I could even use the grabber to pick fruit off a tree or get stuff at the grocery store on the top shelf I'm only 5'2" and everything I want is always on the top shelf.


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