Monday, December 1, 2008

Kristkindlmarkt in Springville !

You're invited to the first Kristkindlemarkt in Springville, a holiday gathering of local artists and craftspeople.

Saturday, December 6
Noonish to 8 p.m.
Downtown Springville, CA

The Kristkindlmarkt is the brainstorm of metal sculptor, Dean Diaz de Leon, among others. Dean’s specialty is “found metal”. He finds historical metal, photographs it in situ in order to record its provenance, and then reshapes it into a work of art. Dean is hoping to capture and share some of the excitement he felt as a youth in Germany during the holiday season. Dean has hand built kiosks using reclaimed wood. These hand built kiosks will be the backdrop for this event. Local artists will display and sell their handmade wares in this unique European atmosphere.

The Kristkindlmarkt originated in Germany and Austria and dates back to the late middle ages. It is traditionally a street market that is related to the celebration of Christmas during advent, primarily the four weeks before Christmas Day. Kristkindlmarkt means “Christ Child Market” in German. The belief is that the Christ child, or Christkind, delivers all the Christmas presents to the children on Christmas Eve.

Be sure to stop by my kiosk where I'll have my ceramics, (topferkunst), and some lavender, (lavandel), items from my garden, (garten). Other art work available that day will be metal sculpture, wooden sculpture, glass sculpture, inlaid wooden boxes, jewelry, weavings, organically grown oranges and more. There will also be a book signing, a mural unveiling, and a Christmas tree lighting. So bring the family and join us for a fun filled afternoon and evening in the foothill town of Springville.


  1. Hello Linda,

    Perhaps you could share this event at so the members there would learn about this event (maybe even make the trip). If you post it, I'll put it as a featured event.



  2. Hi Victor, thanks for visiting my blog and for reminding me to post; I posted the event and blogged about it on the Fresno Arts site just a bit ago.

  3. This sounds wonderful. Have fun & I hope your sales are good.

  4. If I were closer, I'd come. Hope you post pics and share about it. Have fun!

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  6. Hi Judy, I am hoping this will be a fun event. I think it has a unique element to it and it is right up the street for me so it's easy to get there and set up.

  7. Hi Amy, I am hoping I can get some good photos of this event. I have a photo of the kiosk in it's bland state, but I want to post what they all look like after we decorate them and have our wares in them. I have to remember to charge my batteries and take my camera, thanks for the reminder.


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