Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kristkindlmarkt A Raving Success !

The first annual Kristkindlmarkt in Springville today was a raving success. The weather cooperated providing crisp air and clear skies and lots of visitors came by to enjoy the day's events. Gary and I arrived early in the morning to set up my booth to display my ceramics. I was surprised at how nice my stoneware looked against the rustic backdrop of the booth. As I promised here are some photos I took during the day. That's Gary behind my booth all bundled up; he hates cold weather.

The event was the brain child of Dean Diaz de Leon and he, along with Ron and John, constructed the booths from reclaimed, weathered wood donated from various sources in the Springville area.Local artists used the rustic booths to display their art and handcrafted items during the day and early evening. In the evening the booths were decorated with white lights and there was a bonfire to take the chill off.

Coffee and hot chocolate was served by the local coffee shop where the event was held, and was really appreciated by the artists manning the booths. The event was well received by the public and many visitors remarked they wished the booths were going to be open every weekend till Christmas. Plans are already in the works for next years Kristkindlmarkt.

Good night and thanks for reading.


  1. holy cats that looks like a great event!

  2. Looks like a lovely day. I love working with weathered timbers, they provide a great give and take with clay.
    Sorry about the snow storm on my blog...I'm not sure how i feel about it yet. Thanks for visiting!

  3. wow.. how exciting! I wish that NC was right next to CA. Would have loved to come and see the booths and all... great pics.

  4. That really looks like something special!Very unique, what a great idea. Just posted a new interview at hope you like it!

  5. What fun! What a treat it would have been to be able to attend! Maybe next year y'all can combine the bonfire with a barrel-firing. ;)

    Hope the sale went well for you!

  6. Wow - I love the "rustic booths"! Very cool...

    My husband was just telling me about a Kriskindlemarkt in downtown Denver that we're going to visit this weekend. We both lived in Germany as youths and it's very nostalgic for us to visit - have to buy gluhwein.

    PS - the Robin in post above is fantastic - you really get great wild life photos!

  7. Hi Gary, I felt like an artisans from the old days in my booth. I wish I had had time to dress in period clothing too - maybe next year.

    Welcome Steven, Do you impress clay into wood? I have thought about doing that but never could achieve the look I wanted. Perhaps if I make a plaster mold of the wood and then use that. The snow storm reminded me of when I lived in the mountains and I kind of miss it - we don't get snow here except on the mountains which I can see in the distance. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Amy, the booths were much better in person, people really commented on them and enjoyed the whole atmosphere.

    Hi Chris, I got on the blog briefly last night but need to re-read the latest interview and I am still thinking (working on) mine.

    Hi Becky, a barrel firing would be a good idea and I thought about having a demonstration during the day, but didn't get it together for that, maybe next year.

    Hi Cynthia, the event was so much fun and the guys who made the booths went to a lot of work for all of us. They plan on keeping the booths to use for other events too. I'll have to look up what gluhwein is. Glad you like the bird. I make notecards with my photography - a lady came into my shop and coudn't "see" the robin on the card I had to point it out to her, he blended in so well.


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