Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Binky Likes Coffee !

Although I put my coffee cup on the floor so I could show you my my cat drinking coffee, there is real truth in this fact: Binky Likes Coffee ! I can't remember exactly when I discovered this fact, but it was many years ago for sure. I usually have two cups of coffee in the morning and as things sometimes happen, I'm occasionally distracted away from my cup.

When Binky was a teenage cat, more than 8 years ago, I left my coffee cup on the coffee table in the living room for some reason or another. Later, I came back into the room to find Binky "drinking" his coffee. Binky drinks his coffee in a unique way. He dips his paw in the cup and his fur absorbs a little coffee and then he withdraws his paw and licks the coffee off. If left to his own devices, he'll take quite a few drinks of coffee. For many years I thought Binky liked the coffee because I use cream, but I later found out, Binky likes Coffee !

A couple of years ago my sister-in-law, Gail, came to visit us from Australia and we were all sitting around visiting in the morning. Gail saw Binky "drinking" coffee from my cup and was truly amazed. She and I agreed Binky probably wouldn't drink her coffee since she doesn't use cream. After a while, we all went outside for a tour of the garden since it was such a nice day. When we returned to the house we discovered Binky "drinking" from Gail's coffee cup. That's when I learned the real truth, Binky Likes Coffee !


  1. this is totally impossible, but there is the proof!!!!

  2. This is so funny! I'll have to tell my friends about this-- as they have cats. And, I really like the backdrop of your blog title. Great colors and texture.

  3. Hi Linda-
    your new banner is lovely! Be careful or Binky will start wanting a "Skinny, foamy, Latte with a touch of vanilla, not too hot"...hahaha!

  4. Hey Gary, you of all people know it is possible, I'll bet Spike would like coffee too.

    Hi Becky, animals truly amaze me sometimes. Thanks about my banner, that's one of my leaf spoon rests and the textue is from the veins in an actual leaf.

    Hi Cindy, thanks about my banner, that's one of my favorite glazes over black mountain clay. Binky has such a personality as do all three of my cats.

  5. You have the smartest cats.

    The link I gave you for Obama's blog doesn't seem to be working. If you go to the White House link you can click on 'blog.'


  6. Don't know if my cats like coffee...might have to check on that. One cat loves asparagus however. And the other two love pepper jack cheese. None like fish?!?!

  7. Ok, I meant Amy above. I was looking at Becky's name and typed it in - instead of Amy.

    Hi Judy, thanks for the link. I think all animals are much smarter than we realize.

    Hi Becky, asparagus, that is really unusualy. Mine don't like most fish either.

  8. I hope you are still working in ceramics and the local JC has reopened their ceramics department. I am in Santa Fe NM and our local JC has an outstanding Art Department including ceramics.
    Beautiful work and interesting directions.

  9. Hi Larry, thanks, yes I am still working in clay in Georgia, keeps me out of trouble. Ha.


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