Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Won Ton Burrito?

Gary came home and said what is it? I said I don't know. He called it a burrito. After I pinched the ends together, it looked more like a won ton burrito.

I started today with lots of ideas and energy to match. After several distracting phone calls and mishaps, I decided to plunge ahead anyway and do some work in the studio. Time was getting short, so I thought I'd try making a juice cup using a technique I saw on Ceramic Arts Daily. I cut dowels I purchased hoping to try Mitch Lyons' hand building technique of making cylinders with a broomstick method.

Earlier, I reviewed the video on Ceramic Arts Daily and it looked so easy. I cut all the various sizes of dowels with the chop saw. As I was cutting the dowels, I was thinking my oftentimes visible seams would be non-existent. Right? wrong! It turns cutting the dowels was the easiest part.

First I cut myself a rectangle of clay, inserting the smallest dowel in one end halfway through as Mitch described in the video and inserting the dowel in the other end hoping to meet the hole in the middle. The first attempt I missed. So I tried again. The next one I did it, but in the end the cylinder was lopsided. The cylinder walls were thin on one side and thicker on the other. So I tried one more time. Same thing, thin on one side, thick on the other. After three attempts, (which I crushed) at making a nice even walled cylinder, I finally pinched the ends of the final cylinder together and called it day. I did get a nice bowl of slip made, perhaps I can use the slip as a sauce on the won ton burrito. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. some days are like that- somedays my bread comes out better then my pots!
    Today will be a better day!

  2. well, yes, if you fall off your horse, get back on and try again I guess!

  3. I was also inspired to try the project from Ceramic Arts Daily! It did look easy...BUT I know before I try any NEW ventures and designs, my day needs to be uninterrupted. Needless to say, lately, not too many NEW ventures and designs have been started... the slip looks yummy :o)

  4. Hi Meredith, yes some days are like that. Today, I'm glad I pinched the ends together last evening and decided to save this. I don't think all is lost. I feel an idea of hollow closed forms developing in my mind.

    Hi Gary, I'll get back on that pony and ride. Yippee-iaaa

    Hi Cindy, I think today, I'll try something I know I can do, then try the dowels again.


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