Friday, February 27, 2009

Circles and Balance

A circle seems a simple form. And yet, this simple form is complicated. I made a single circle and wanted to combine it with another circle. I wanted both circles to stand on their own, yet somehow be one. I needed to balance the circles with one another.

Once I was able to balance one circle within the other and they could stand on their own, I went on to make more circles. I made two circles and then balanced another circle within the two. All three are able to stand on their own and yet they are balanced within the group.

Now I'm exploring other shapes and sizes: squares, rectangles, triangles and other geometric shapes. My intention is to make balanced geometric forms in various shapes and sizes. These clay circles are fun to try and balance, like an adult puzzle. There's only one way they'll stand upright on their own, so some effort has to be made to balance them. I guess circles are like relationships and other things in life. I never knew geometry could be so much fun and had so much meaning.

I noticed this baby lizard outside the studio this afternoon. He's about two inches long. This morning it was fairly warm, but in the afternoon it turned cool. This lizard looked so cold on the concrete I picked him up and put him on the South side of the Studio on a plant. I hope I helped the balance of nature.


  1. Linda, I love your posts; balanced you are!!!

    Joan T

  2. Hi Joan, I just noticed the back leg of the lizard. See the fifth toe is located near the joint. I wonder if all lizards are like that?

  3. What a cool lizard! You got a great photo of him!

  4. Interesting discoveries with the circles and balancing. Isn't the process of discovery what it's all about? Sure is for me, though I sometimes scold myself that I have to "settle down" and focus... But then I'm lured off by another idea... which is so delicious! Have fun!

  5. Hi Julia, we have lots of lizards around here; I just love them, they are so cute. Actually this one looks like one of the cats might have gotten it by the tail because it looks a little stubby.

    Hi Patricia, you are so right, that's just how these circles came about, I was lured off. Sometimes I just can't help myself, playing around with the clay, and I say to myself, well I should be able to have a little fun now and then. And when I do that often leads to some discovery.

  6. Ah, balance, such an easy concept and so hard to accomplish in so many things. Funny you should post a lizard picture right after the circles. I used to have a poster that I loved with a lizard curled in a circle.

  7. Hi Barbara, when I was a kid living in Hawaii, I remember seeing lots of lizards coming out of their eggs curled up at first then uncurling very slowly.


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