Monday, February 23, 2009

Derriere Pot

I did a little organizing, cleaning, and pinching today. I'm using B Mix porcelain, Cone 10. It's nice to work with and doesn't dry out quickly. The pot above became what it wanted, derriere pot. Here are a few others.

The cats kept me company while I typed this post. Left to right, Butter, Binky, and Betty. When I went down to the studio to get some photos, Betty ran outside. I could hear the Great Horned Owl hooting. I hope Betty doesn't become a meal for him.

I'm off to try and entice Betty back into the house. Meow, meow, tidbits, tidbits, here Betty, Betty! I tricked Betty. I went down to the studio and left the door open a little bit. Thank goodness cats are curious. I called Betty and when she came in the studio to see what I was doing, I grabbed her.

Here's rose number thirty-one, a nice yellow. I know it's not Midas Touch because I have that one somewhere else and Midas is a much brighter yellow.


  1. HAR! Derriere pot!
    I wuv your kitties....

  2. ooo -la-la the Derriere pot is very shapely! I can see you moving onto other lovely body forms now Linda :o)

  3. Hi Gary, my Gary called it butt pot, but I thought derriere was a little more refined for the title of the blog. Aren't they cute - that's the extra bed in our office and it has a down comfortor under neath which is real fluffly so they really like it.

    Hi Cindy, yes I have been trying to make all the pinch pots smooth and the derriere one was the last one I did. I decided to leave all the pinches and roughness in it, now I think I might be trying more of these more free form pinch pots.

  4. personally, I like butt pot ;)


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