Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hanging A Ceramic Window

A while ago I sketched a window in my journal and today I decided to make one out of clay. It is made with porcelain and black mountain clay. The window is about 10 x 8 inches and even has a window sill. It's kind of hard to see, but the porcelain window is recessed from the sash. (I only get shadows in my photos when I don't want them). But once this is fired, how am I going to hang this window on the wall? Well, of course, I am going to use the technique I learned from Meredith of Whynot Pottery. I am so glad Meredith shared her technique with me, especially since I plan to make several of these windows.

I'm now imagining a whole series of these windows and think they would be so much fun to make. I could make some with miniature flower pots to put on the window sill or I could set some small candle holders on the sill. I could paint an outdoor scene on the window as if I were looking out, or I could paint an indoor scene on the window as if I were looking in. I could paint a curtain in the window. I even wonder what a real window made of porcelain would be like installed in a wall with the sun shining through it? Something to think about for my future studio. Once again I've discovered a new clay tangent to follow. And, of course, I'll be using Meredith's hanging technique on all of these windows once they're fired.

You may recall last year I made some Leaf Panels like the one above and wondered how I would hang them on the wall. Not only did Meredith of Whynot Pottery share her technique on how she hangs her ceramic tiles, but she also took the time to email me a photo of the back of one of her tiles. That's a photo of the back of Meredith's tile below. Here's what I learned from Meredith on how she hangs her tiles.

First take two pieces of wood and drill into the side of each for an eye hook. I plan on using 1 x 2 pine. You could also check with a cabinet maker and ask for some cut offs, just make sure they are the same thickness. Next screw the eye hook into the side of the wood. I think I'll drill a couple of pilot holes first. Then glue each piece of wood with two part epoxy to the back of the piece you want to hang. Place the wood about an inch or so from the top of the piece. If the piece is large like my leaf panels, glue another piece of wood at the bottom to keep the panel from tilting when hanging on the wall. Set them aside to set up for a few days being careful not to bump or dislodge the wood from it's spot. You can weight down the wood to be sure it makes good contact with the ceramic piece. When the glue has set up nice and strong, you can string picture wire between the two eye hooks and then hang your ceramic piece on the wall. The wood helps the piece sit out from the wall and gives it some dimension.

Thanks Meredith, I wish you were around the corner, I'd bring you a bouquet. Since you're not, here's a photo of a bouquet. The roses are Double Delight, with Clary sage leaves and rose-scented geranium flowers.


  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for my flowers! and if I were just around the corner we could float in the canoe and look at birds- have a cup of tea.....
    I do use liquid nail and found out if the piece is rather large or heavy it should have a few days to cure. I weight with bricks.
    I think epoxy would work as well and I know others use gorilla glue- which I have bought but not use.
    I am firing tiles today we shall see.
    I can't wait to see your work hung and I love the window idea!
    Best- M

  2. I would make a whole series of the windows too!

  3. Love your window ideas! So many things you could do with it. And thanks for sharing the picture from Meredith. I had read about how she did it, but a picture is worth . . .

  4. Yeah, float on the pond have a cup of tea, solve the world problems, thanks Meredith.

    Hi Gary, I am making more as we speak. Thanks.

    Hi Barbara, yes a photo and a little help from our friends really helps.

  5. Love the roses... ahh
    Linda check out my new blog.. just a baby

    Joan T

  6. Hi Joan, what a great new blog you have, I love crows, I even do an imitation of a crow folks taunt me into doing. Check out Cindy Shake's blog - artmaking in the north, she does wonderful crow/raven metal sculptures and tiles.


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