Thursday, April 16, 2009

White Feather

If you've been reading my blog on a regular basis you'll recall the Black Feather mask I made last week. This week I've finished the companion mask, White Feather. A few months ago I awoke from a dream early one morning and sketched the idea for two masks on a scrap piece of paper. The white feathers on this mask completely cover the mouth and partially obscure the eyes. Sometimes I'm not able (too stressed out) to speak or don't want (will stick my foot in my mouth) to say what is on my mind. Sometimes I see the truth, but don't want to admit, even to myself, what the truth is. And then sometimes I want to hide from the truth. Or, as sometimes is the case, I don't want to confront the bullshit. Can I say bullshit on my blog? Heck, why not it's my blog.

I mostly see the world as black or white, good or bad, nice or mean, friend or foe, etc. Unfortunately, life is oftentimes full of bullshit and frankly I've never had much patience for bullshit. The trick for me is to see if the bullshitter is full of bullshit or if there is something worthwhile behind the bullshit. I know you're probably thinking, where in the hell did all this come from. Well it came from the depths of me, but it's been there all along. You're probably also wondering what prompted these thoughts, it isn't any one thing, but many things.

So as time goes by you'll be seeing my explorations in black and white clay as a way of coping with a world that's got a lot of bullshit I have to put up with on a daily basis, the price of gas, food, utilities, lack of jobs, reduced income, the cost of health care, car, and house insurance, etc. Not to mention our taxes in California just went up. Sales tax increased one percent, vehicle license tax increased half a percent and on and on.

What this one percent tax increase means is a decrease in income, we pay more for everything we purchase and have more taken out of our paychecks. It amounts to a pay raise for the state, but a huge pay cut for everyone living here. I lump all this crap into one category - bullshit. Unfortunately it's bullshit I have little control over. For now all I can do is buy less and cut costs. As time goes by, though, I'm thinking and planning.

Now that I've gotten today's tangent of bullshit out of the way (well at least pushed it aside for the time being), how about a couple of beautiful and a sweet smelling flowers from my garden to clear the air. Life is not all bullshit there is a lot of sweetness surrounding us. Above is my rose arbor which is in full bloom, and if you happen to be in the neighborhood, my cat, Binky, and I will welcome you to my garden and studio. The arbor is planted with Cecile Brunner roses, called the sweetheart rose, and also pink jasmine, Jasminum polyanthum, growing on the back side (ha ha - no pun there) of the arbor.


  1. You go girl- once you got the word out it just kept coming!
    I understand- life is not easy these days for many of us and may not be for awhile.
    Keep expressing it with your art- and your garden, it helps!

  2. Sometimes we just gotta lift the feathers and let the frustration out even if it's hard to know where to go with it. And that sky is so blue.

  3. I laughed when I read your post, because it's so well written. Even so, I wish that it was different. When I win the lottery (guess I need to play to win), I'm not keeping all the $; will share with my pottery blogging friends. Oh, and let's meet for dinner. I'll bring a bottle of wine. :) Take care!

  4. Isn't it interesting that Nature takes manure (bullshit) and uses it to her advantage? I think creative people do the same. That's not to say its easy. But the spirit in us seems to know the way. We don't give up.

    I really like your masks...what they say and the way they convey it. Feathers have always been a powerful symbol for me. I love seeing them in your work.

  5. Hi Meredith, thanks, I am glad you got a laugh out of my post. Yes, the clay and the garden definitely help.

    Hi Barbara, thanks, I like your analogy about lifting the feathers and letting it all out - that's what I am trying to do. That brings to mind another idea for something in clay too. This time of year the sky is really blue.

    Hi Amy, thanks, I need to win the lottery too, but like you I need to play it to win, but alas the dollars are too few. Heck, come on over for dinner, I'll provide the wine. I do believe we will meet up,
    hopefully sooner than later.

    Hi Becky, thanks, oh so true nature does do well with a little manure and compost. When I find feathers lying in the garden I always collect them. For some reason these masks come from my subconscious and want to express themselves and I have to let them do as they wish.

  6. You had a lot to say today! hey, that rose arbor is awesome and that's no bull!

  7. Hi Patricia, I have a lot more to say too, but I guess I'll say a bit more later. Thanks about the arbor, it's getting so thick up top is kind of top heavy but the birds build nests up there and are protected from predators, luckily I built it good and sturdy with posts three feet in the ground and plenty of support. It's real nice to sit under in the summer.

  8. Linda, I say go for it... kick some ass. but remember to smell those Cecile Brunners too. I am writing a special piece in awildpatience .....just for you.

    Joan T

  9. Hi Joan, thanks, so much, I have a lot to say, but it doesn't always meld with the general public opinion. I gusss I am just a "shit" disturber from way back. I look forward to your post.


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