Friday, May 8, 2009

Kiln Too Hot, Off to Workshop

Fem Bud Vase by Linda Starr

The kiln was 165 F this evening and too hot to handle. Everyone was skittish to unload due to the previous fiasco (rightly so), worried about crazing etc. Unloading will be next Tuesday evening. Here are a few pieces I have cooling in the kiln. I did sneak a peak and results look good, didn't have my camera though, sorry.

Window Plaque by Linda Starr

Pillow Box by Linda Starr

Stay tuned for the kiln opening. Meanwhile I am excited to be off to San Francisco tomorrow for a Diana Fayt workshop this weekend. More about the kiln opening and workshop next week.

Here's a rose called Blue Boy which is blooming in my garden right now (my studio is in the background). It's supposed to be a blue rose and does have a blue tone to the color. See you next week.


  1. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the information about the green glaze that you left for me on my blog, it was much appreciated. I will try it myself. Best of luck for your latest pieces that will be coming out of the kiln. I am glad that the folk are waiting for things to cool properly as I did wonder if the cracks that you mentioned that one of your pots developed in the horrible firing where everything went wrong were caused by opening the kiln when too hot. Enjoy the weekend workshop. Wow, San Francisco. Big City after all the country isolation!
    Have Fun! Peter

  2. Sometimes, waiting is a very good thing!!

    Oh - I'm jealous - have a terrific time in San Francisco and specifically at Diana's workshop. I want to go!!!

  3. Hi Peter, yes I was just reading an article about the slow cooling with the damper closed being the most important thing for the glazes. I used to live in San Francisco years ago, so am still somewhat familiar with the streets, etc.

    Hi Cynthia, yes I am excited to go to Diana's studio and take a workshop from her, it's a long drive, but worth it.

  4. wow, its all lookin' good Linda, and I still can't believe how pretty your place is!

  5. lovely roses... keep your fingers crossed, envious of your workshop with diana fayt, have fun

  6. I'm jealous too! How exciting! Would love to be able to go too. Hope you'll share something (or two, etc.) about the workshop when you return. Safe travels!


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