Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lavender Lemonade

Today was hot; tomorrow is supposed to be hotter, it's supposed to reach 103 F. So I am making some lavender lemonade to help cope with the heat. Lavender does not taste like it's fragrance. It's kind of tangy. You know how when you drink regular lemonade you get some phlegm in your mouth afterwards. Well with lavender lemonade that doesn't happen.

2 tablespoons dried lavender buds
4 cups water
12 lemons juiced or 1 can frozen lemonade
sugar to taste if using fresh lemons

Measure out two tablespoons of dried lavender buds. Meanwhile take two cups of the water and bring it to a boil in a medium saucepan. Once it starts to boil shut the heat off, then stir in the dried lavender buds and let them steep in the water till it is room temperature. Do not boil the lavender buds or they will be bitter.

In the meantime, start squeezing your lemons. I picked mine from our Meyer variegated lemon tree which produced pink lemons. See the tinge of pink on the skin and the pink tint to the inside. You'll need about 12 small or six large lemons for a large pitcher full. If you don't have fresh lemons, don't worry, just use frozen pink lemonade. The pink lemonade is better because the lavender buds turn the water a bit green and no one wants to drink green lemonade, pink is much better. After the lavender water has cooled down, drain the buds off and use this water for half of your lemonade water and then add in the other two cups of water. It's easy and it's good.

If you're feeling adventuresome you can add a little tequila to your lemonade. Have a good weekend.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Mmmm, lemonade. It sounds a really nice recipe. I like the sound of the pink Meyer lemons. I guess that another winter variation would be to add a goodly drop of whiskey to keep out the chill!
    (I have left a reply to you on my blog to your recent comment there.)
    Enjoy that summer heat, some towns got hail near here today, but we had it cool but sunny.
    Best Wishes, P.

  2. We are getting a lot of rain in the maountains and I can not get anything planted.
    The lavender has gone this way, so I'll have to collect them next year, it does sound like a very refreshing drink. I got some lemons yesterday in hopes of having some lemonade.

  3. sounds dreamy... have to remember when the weather heats up

  4. We're heading to see the folks in Sequim, WA in July for their 50th wedding anniversary. We will also be there for the Sequim Lavender Festival! Now I'll bring your recipe for yummy toddies at the Party! thanks. :o)

  5. Hi Peter, thanks, this is the first year I harvested from this lemon tree and I had read they were pink, but didn't think anything of it, then I cut into them and low and behold I remembered what I read. The lemons are kind of bumpy on the outside, but it makes them easier to hold when squeezing them. I'll check your blog.

    Hi Ron, what elevation do you live at? I wish we got more rain here because I wouldn't have to water as much. I can't get away anywhere this time of year. The weather has really been different the last two years.

    Hi Jim, yes it really is refreshing. Some visitors here not familiar wiht lemonade once said, oh I'll just have a little taste, then after they tasted it they said, can I have a little more please.

    Hi Cindy, we almost moved to Sequim, five years ago we staying there for about two months or so in the winter. This time of year I wish we had - way too hot. Fifty years, wow, amazing. What a nice trip that will be.

  6. Hey, I've got lavender. I've got Meyer lemons - but not the variegated kind so I guess I'll have to live with green lemonade - and we've got the heat - but more like 85, not 103!! - so I'm good to go. Oops, might need some tequila.

  7. Hi Barbara, we are sweltering here, supposed to be another hot one tomorrow too, Ugh. The heat is way too early this year.


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