Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunset and Lightning

The sky provided a spectacular sunset this evening, afterwards we were rewarded with a three hour long electrical storm. Unfortunately the lightning is sure to have sparked lots of fires. The winds were blowing and we heard a huge tree fall down by the river.

I tried like heck to capture the lightening with my digital camera but I had no luck, just a little glow which was disappointing. At one point there were about eight or ten lightening bolts across the sky all at once. You'll just have to trust me when I say it was quite a display tonight.

In case you didn't hear, Diana Fayt announced she's on the cover of Ceramics Monthly for the summer issue, check it out. I had to bite my tongue to keep quiet till now. As soon as I get my tiles back from her workshop I'll post them. Have a good weekend.


  1. What a spectacular evening. It is a shame that the lightning was so hard to capture on the digital camera, but the glow you did manage is quite impressive. By-the-way, I do appreciate the effort you put into providing the links to articles in the wiki and so on, it is thoughtful of you, and they are fun to investigate.

  2. Hi Pater, there is probably a setting on my camera to take multiple photos in a row, but I've never investigated that. I was sitting in the garage with the door opening, enjoying the show. some of the information about lightening was pretty interesting.

  3. Hi Gary, it is unusual for us to get lightning storms; we were used to them when we lived in Arkansas.

  4. Great sunset photo! Lightening has sparked fires in the Interior of Alaska near Fairbanks and has burned over 21,000 acres! Though we have a lot of land, it is still sad and fouls the air.

    We had booming thunder last week in Anchorage (lightening is very unusual) and the ions in the air made my little hairs stand on end!

  5. lightening has to be hard to capture - hell - I can't even get the moon properly.

    Nice glowing shot of lightening lit sky!

    I just got my copy of CM - saving it for dessert though.... :)

  6. Hi Peter, somehow, my typing made a miss on your name.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, that is too many acres even if your state does have a lot of land, I can't help but think of all the birds and animals displaced by fires. Most places, if the hairs stand on end, that means you are almost struck by lightning.

    Hi Cynthia, thanks, I guess I'll have to stop somewhere and purchase this issue.

  7. Your photo gives the lightening flavor if not the results you wanted. 8 bolts at once! It would be more fun to watch if there weren't the fear of the possible harsh consequences.

  8. Oh My Gosh! Just after I wrote my post, I read that a couple had been struck by lightening during that booming thunder I had heard while climbing Arctic Valley, just above the Anchorage skyline!!! Both survived, the woman had back injuries and had to be carried down on a board. The guy had been knocked out, woke up to find the female companion down the Mt. a ways and his SHOES WERE BLOWN OFF and MELTED!!

  9. Hi Barbara, I sat in the garage with the door open to avoid getting hit by lightening.

    Hi Cindy, that is terrible for the couple, I hope they are ok. I was reading the link about lightning and it is amazing how much power is in one bolt.


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