Friday, May 15, 2009

We Know You're Rich

Purple Bicycle

A couple of years ago Gary was at work and some of the guys he worked with asked him why he was working there. Gary said he needed to work to pay the bills. The guys said, "You don't need to work, you're rich!" Gary said, "No I'm not rich". The guys insisted, "We know you're rich".

Dietes iridioides or fortnight lily

Gary said, "What makes you think I'm rich?". The guys said, "Whenever we drive by your house, we see your gardener outside working". Gary said, "I don't have a gardener". The guys said, "Yes you do, we see your gardener every time we drive by at all times of the day, so we know you have a full time gardener. If you have a full time gardener, you must be rich".

Potter/Gardener with Straw Hat

Gary said, "You must be mistaken, what house are you thinking of?" The guys said, "The one with the lavender garden sign". Gary said, "Yeah, that's my house, but I don't have a gardener". The guys said, "We see the gardener with the straw hat walking all over your property". Gary said, "That's not my gardener, that's my wife". Then Gary said, "Think about it, if I was rich, why would I be working here?" The guys said, "Yeah, I guess you're right".

Not a Gardener with Straw Hat

But hey, I've got a secret to tell you. We have a roof over our heads, a beautiful garden, three great cats, and we have each other, So if you drive by and see someone with a straw hat walking around, you'll know we ARE rich.

Betty, Butter, and Binky
Three Cats, No Straw Hats


  1. That's a lovely post Linda. Riches, yes we do have them, not necessarily represented by money in the bank, but by tangible things such as friends and kindness and beautiful places to walk. These are the things that make life worthwhile!

    Thanks too for the nice comment on my latest post about teapots and textures.
    Best Wishes, P.

  2. BINKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Binky and Spike, twins seperated at birth?

  3. That's too funny -- and a great gardener you are! And you are right to notice all the richness -- it's rarely about money -- but the beauty you've created around you.

  4. Such a true view, sometimes you forget how good things are and dwell on the negitive things that evolve around you.
    I always thought working in the dirt of the garden was mandatory, I wouldn't dare let someone else have that amount of fun and pay them to do it.

  5. Great post Linda! Love the sentiment and yes you are rich with the things that matter.

    PS - dig the purple 3 wheeler!

  6. Hi Peter, it's a true story, we live on a main road and you wouldn't believe the stories we hear from folks who just "know" what we're doing - I just love telling the rich one.

    Hi Meredith, I am getting richer too writing in my blog and meeting all the wonderful potters out there.

    Hi Gary, thanks, they truely are twins. We were shredding some files and we came across a poster we made when Binky was lost and we were remembering when we got him back and how happy we were.

    Hi Judy, thanks, yes that's true, and I am going to try to make a wee bit of money from the beauty I create so I can make some more.

    Hi Ron, thanks it's been easy for me to dwell on negative recently with all that has happened around here, sometimes writing this down helps me to gain and remember perspective; I am feeling more positive already.

    Hi Cynthia, Gary almost took the three wheeler to the dump because we had been dragging it around through moving and it was bulky and I finally got around to planting like I had intented. I got it at a garage sale with flat tires and intended to plant in the two baskets originally and then when we built the lavender farm, I got purple paint and Gary painted it for me. It's faded to a nice mellow color now, you should have seen it when he first painted it.

  7. Linda. anyone who has flowers, cats, clay, sun, a loving partner, nature and friends is for sure rich. Stay well, Joan T

  8. Hi Joan, hey I could probably add to that list too, when it is put that way it sounds like so much, thanks.

  9. Funny story and great ending. Wonderful purple bicycle (tricycle?) too. A moveable garden.

  10. you are so clever in your posts. Gosh, I'm still in disbelief that all those flowers from the posts and the lavender are at your home. Wow!

  11. Hi Barbara, thanks, the three wheeled bicycle was a bargain at a garage sale, but they are really bulky to move. I lined the baskets with a commercial ground cover cloth and then filled with dirt. The cloth only takes up a small amount of room in the basket so there is more room for dirt and the roots of the plants, since it dries out so quickly in the heat of the summer and I have to water it once a day.

    Hi Amy, thanks, have you checked out my website for my lavender gardens:

    We moved here 5 years ago and live on a little under three acres and I started planting almost the day we moved in - now I have a WHOLE LOT TO TAKE CARE OF and wish I didn't so I could do more with the clay especially in summer.


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