Monday, July 6, 2009

Fire in the Mountains

A week or so ago Gary and I went to 'Fire in the Mountains', a local pottery exhibit of high fire pottery which Cedric and Christy Brown and Linda Spears had at Linda Spears' studio. Here are a few photos from the show. Follow the links to see more of their pottery on their respective websites.

Cedric and Christy Brown

Linda Spears


  1. I really like the fir cone pots, they have an Arts and Crafts feel about them and also remind me of the work of the Martin Brothers of the same eara and slightly earlier. And the tile that is hanging behind them is very nice, I love the way it is framed.

    Just having my marmalade sandwich and revving up for the next pot. I have posted my table of paints on my blog.

  2. love the vases that look like they have bullet holes in them

  3. Hi Kitty, almost all of Christy and Cedric pots are in the arts and crafts style. They have beautifully rich matt glazes which when you look at the pots makes them look like they are very old even though they just came out of their kiln. They make their own frames for their tiles too. Recently Christy started making some crystal glazes over matt but I can't believe I didn't take any photos of those.

    I love marmalade. I once made some concord grape (with citrus) marmalade - it was unbelievably delicious, but took forever to prepare. I'll check your blog, thanks so much.

    Hi Jim, those vases Cedric calls his shot pots - and he actually makes the vase and when it is still soft he takes it out back and shoots it - he tried it once because he was frustrated because one didn't come out 'just perfect' and he liked it - so he started making a few of them - I really like them too and what a great way to take your frustrations out. Ha!

  4. I was going to remark on the Arts and Crafts style too - what I love about their space is all the little niches to display work. Very nice!

    Like the "shot pots" too - and the clay terrarium too.

  5. Hi Cynthia, yea those niches are nice, not sure I would have made the bottom part curved though as they are harder to balance stuff on. Linda Spears has many many of those urchin specimens in the specimen jars, the black sand was imported from Bali and it sparkles, my photo doesn't do it justice.


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