Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old Crow

Here's a couple of Old Crow sculptures I just packed into "The Treasure Bus", that's what I named our moving on a shoestring, "moving van". Excuse the dust on them I don't have time for dusting, I'm packing like a mad woman now.

Cindy Shake came up with the name for the bus, which really is a perfect name. Cindy is a very talented artist and makes wonderful metal sculptures, including beautiful ravens. I am lucky to have one of Cindy's ravens and I have shown it here.

Be sure to check Cindy's blog and on the right hand side you will see more examples of her work. And here is a link to Cindy's website with some new and exciting pieces she has completed.

The Old Crow sculptures are made of pot metal and were probably a liquor store display for Old Crow, one of Kentucky's oldest bourbons. Purportedly Mark Twain drank Old Crow bourbon, along with several other famous people in history. The Old Crow sculptures have a metal label on the reverse that says Old Crow. I found these Old Crow sculptures in a junk shop back in the 1980s and I couldn't resist getting them since I've always felt an affinity for crows and ravens.

Gee I just thought of something, perhaps I'm like a crow collecting all the things I do and bringing them back to my nest. What do you think? Ha! Ha! Ha! or should that be Caw! Caw! Caw! If you ever meet me in person and find me in just the right frame of mind, I just might do my crow impression, maybe.

Anyway stop back here again for more treasures and soon, very soon, there will be travels too. Travels and treasures, I like the sound of that and I hope you'll enjoy traveling along with me. Be sure to comment, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. caw caw caw... i love all things crow too. before my move back to ceramics a friend and i started a business and we named it corvus, very smart birds they are

  2. Hi Jim, thanks, yes they are really smart, ravens too. I listened to the crows sounds on the internet last night. I like the sound the ravens do puffing up their necks - it's kind of a gutteral sound, really cool. What was your business? Sounds interesting.

  3. Yikes it must be count down time. I can't believe you really have no idea where you might want to live? What an adventure! Do you have a plan for how long you'd like to be on the road? Like say under 6 months? Or a year? Hummmm

  4. Hi Mary, thanks, probably under six months; we are thinking we have to look for a house quickly and then travel some afterwards; with three cats, two who are old I am not sure how well they will take to all the traveling. Had to sell for much less than we wanted and we aren't getting any younger and need funds for retirement. Winning the lottery would help. Ha! Maybe my crows can scoop up some coins for me.

  5. Oh my, I love those Old Crows! I collect crows too...that's one of the reasons for the name of my blog, that and I can't resist collecting "stuff". Stop by my place on your way, and we can Caw. together! I sent you an e-mail earlier today.

  6. Hi Linda thank you for such kind words :o) -you're right I LOVE the name -it seemed to fit all of the wonderful things you were discovering getting ready to move!! The Old Crow Bottle toppers are very cool! Wouldn't those look great in Raku fired clay??!!

  7. Linda, I have a crow thing too. Crows cache their stuff and food --not necessarily in their nest.. ah aha maybe the bus is your cache. It so fits the story you are telling. Collect all that glitters and is cool then cache it then fly around...looking for a new nest..

    By the way, "Taking the long way home" blog...Kim MIles who has been on a quest for a new home settled in Ashland OR at least for the winter.

    Best of luck with your journey. Joan T

  8. Hi Barbara, thanks, is a magpie a member of the crow family? I didn't realize that. We are planning on traveling south, so I just might take you up on that visit, nothing better than cawing away - te he! especially about clay.

    Hi Cindy, thanks, these are much larger than bottle toppers they are about 10 inches tall, quite heavy, and mounted on a solid wood base with a felt bottom, they are kind of amazing and now that I know a just a tad bit more about ceramics and sculpture they are even more amazing to me. I feel good things are in the future for The Treasue Bus and time will tell about that. Raku fired you are right, especially with Peter's special copper raku glaze. I want to build one of his raku kilns as soon as we get relocated.

    Hi Joan, thanks, yes I am a bit like a crow then. I saw how Kim had located there for the winter. I guess she had always wanted to move to that area, so time will tell for her.

  9. Hello

    Really interesting! I enjoyed this post very much! Your crows are beautiful! What does a Cindy's raven have in his mouth? I can see something red in it...a ruby? a berry?
    I have no idea whether crows and ravens are generally liked by people in your country, however, our national soccer team adopts a three-legged raven as a symbol mark. This raven is a mythological bird called Yata-garasu who led the first emperor, Jinmu, to the mainland from the Kyushu island. Yata-garazu(sacred!) has been enshrined at many shrines. I like the Ghost towns post too. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Hi Sapphire, Cindy's raven has several red beads in his mouth. Cindy had a post on her blog once where she took a photo of one raven offering a red berry to another raven. It was a beautiful photo and just wonderful to observe the raven offering the berry to the other. I am assuming she was inspired by that event to make this raven. Here is the link posted on Valentine's Day.

    Some people in our country consider crows and ravens a nuisance and others like them. Many people who are bird watchers do not like crows since they are known to take the young of smaller bird's out of nests and eat them. I saw a crow pick up baby gophers on the top of the ground and carry them off presumably to his nest. The crow came back and got each one of five every half hour till they were all gone. That same week all the young in a nest in my lemon tree disappeared. I think crows eyesight must be very good to observe a small object only slightly moving on the ground as they fly overhead.

    A three legged raven, how interesting. I think many myths and fables are based in fact and I believe a raven could lead someone as they are quite intelligent birds. I read they have been observed using tools - whereby they took a stone in their beak to crack open a nut which was too hard for their beak to crack. I am so happy to learn of Yata-garazu. Many thanks.


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