Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black and Blue

Dancing Ravens by Linda Starr
3 x 12 x 14 inches
handbuilt, slip, glaze, cone 10 reduction

Sometimes I decide to fire a piece even though I know ahead of time it won't be perfect. Both bowls developed small cracks on the rim in their green state, which I tried to repair but was unsuccessful. I fired them because I wanted to learn how the slip would react with this glaze, and wanted to be sure the bowls wouldn't warp at cone 10. I tried B-Mix instead of Windsor Porcelain for these bowls and each clay has different characteristics.

Other than the rim cracks, one small unglazed dot for the raven on the right, and some kiln wash which unfortunately fell into the poppy bowl at the studio where I had them fired, they would be fine. The slip colors turned out just like I wanted. I'll make these again and be more careful drying the rims. Also this transparent glaze fits like a glove, does not pit or run, and isn't overly shiny.

Blue Himalayan Poppy by Linda Starr
2.75 x 11 x 12 inches
hand built, slip, glaze, cone 10 reduction

I plan on making these two bowls again and I'll be more careful drying the rims. I really enjoy painting on clay and I have so many more ideas. I can't wait to move and set up my new studio. Please make comments and come back again to see more of what I've learned from recent firings.


  1. Sorry about the cracks but the pieces are wonderful. I've been thinking about you today Linda!!! You have to check out the Raven's I just made that are hanging on my clay shelves (blog post Space Invaders)... I called them "Raven Talk" ...I think you and I were on the same wavelength (or would that be Ravelength?!) :o))

  2. I love the dancing raven bowl; when you make something this cool looking, the cracks just add character. Okay, ravens in the air it must be as I had just finished writing my blog about ravens too. Maybe it's a clay people thing. I think we are on all the same 'ravelength'.

  3. Hi Cindy, thanks, whenever I see a raven I always think of you, oh now I see the two you made are one piece, they are beautiful I love how you have them so animated. Hey and space invaders is on the same wave length of my last post, moon craters. He he, All the artist's thoughts are flying on the wind of ravelengths and bouncing up to the moon and off the craters and back down to the other artists. What fun to think of artist thought floating in the air around the world.

    Hi Sue, thanks, yes we are all on the same ravelength and our thoughts are bouncing off one another in the artistic ravelengths around the world. Can't wait to see what you do in clay with ravens.

  4. Oh I love both those bowls. Linda, I wish you could have been with me yesterday at the Empty Bowl project to see all the bowls, and to point out to me what techniques were used. he he.. I am not so clay savvy. I haven't visited in awhile, so have to catch up with your postings. I am blown away by the thought of the "ravelengths" floating around and bouncing back down amongst all artists. I saw some nice raven paintings this w/e and a few in bronze as well, but none in clay.

  5. Hi Barbara, thanks, in clay years I am actually a newbie having only worked in clay for about five years, so I may not have been able to tell you all the techniques, but it sure would be fun to go to an empty bowls with you or any other art show, for that matter. Gary and I went to a museum the other day and they had some old buildings and window displays and I took some photos I will be posting soon. Every time I see a window or window displays I think of you now. It is so wonderful to be reminded of you, who I have met through a blog by remembering one your posts.


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